About me

Hello there!

My name is Martina and I actually started blogging to show the world how simple sewing is. I honestly heard so many times about how hard it must be and how pretty the things I create are.

And I thought, there are so many people walking around doing DYIs and stuff creating the impossible and those people tell me, the person that can create drawing only to kids younger than 6 years so she wouldn't be laughed at, that sewing is difficult?

So I started a blog sewing-simpleeasy, where I slowly added all the information about sewing, tips and tricks and all of the how to stuff. Later I decided to merge my personal blog with the sewing one.

This page, where you are right now is mainly personal blog, where I write about everything that comes to my mind. Don't trust me on series I will never be good in creating series of whatever. But apart from that you can find all of the fun stuff. I love photography, so I put many photos of places. I also love just fun and hanging around.

For any kind of commercial collaboration contact me on sewingissimple@gmail.com

And about me:
I am an IT geek. I study informatics and I love computers. I created my first website when I was thirteen and it didn't left me from that time. I created a few others together with my darling - and most amazing person on the world - my cousin. I also love sports, but I never be the let's go excercise kind of girl, I rather be outside playing tennis or biking than go for a run. I love nature and all it's wanders.
I have found my man and I am planning my future with him. In case you wandered he is the one who takes all those photos. It's fun because I would rather be behind the camera than in front of it and he would rather be doing anything else than taking a pictures. But he's a good guy and helps me with this.
Thanks to this blog my self-esteem has grown amazingly and I am  enjoying my new found self. This way I started vlogging.
I am not from an english speaking country so I am also using this opportunity to better my english.

I love all my visitors and would love any comments that you have if you wanna just say hi or comment anything. I love reading and responding your comments so please comment. And subscribe!

Ways to follow me:
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