New ins and first impressions

Hello there darlings and loved ones. Today I have a really quick new in and first impression post for you. I have been...

Hello there darlings and loved ones.
Today I have a really quick new in and first impression post for you.

I have been doing some online shopping, since as I found out it is cheaper than just going to a local shops. I have been actually looking for a good foundation, but the ones that I was interested in wasn't in stock and this is what I got instead.

invisibobble hair ring
These are amazing. I have seen so many good reviews that I decided to buy one pack and try them out myself. I will be definitely reviewing these myself. As a first impression, I've been wearing them non stop for few days now and they have a really good grip, they take all of my hair and hold them safe in space. They do not pull my hair and I can't feel the ponytail on my head. Since my hair is pretty long now, it is really heavy and can be hard to get into a ponytail. These are awesome. The ponytail isn't too tight or precise so I wouldn't wear them for a good ponytail to go out and about but they are awesome to wear if you want to wear them all day and not have to worry about hair. They do electrify the hair a bit and once I take the invisibobble down my hair is flying around helplessly for a while.

Rimmel 60 second in shade 873 breakfast in bed
Really nice shade. I was looking for a pastel blue and this is the perfect one, n the other hand I am not happy about the nailpolish itself, since it took me two and on some nails three layers to get an even full color.

Maybelline volum' express
I rely on maybelline mascaras, since I don't like to re-apply them and these ones are the only ones that do satisfying job in one take. It make nicce settle volume and pretty long lashes. It does not glue the lashes together in few weird blobs which is the only thing I hate when a mascara does, so I am happy with it at the moment.

I was thinking about buying a D'tangler for a while, since I love tangle teezer, I have a small compact travel version and it's great. There are two things why I am not using it every day. First I still feel like a horse being brushed with a brush with no handle. Second, my husband stole it and said it's the only brush with no hair in it and he will be using it. So I bought myself a new one. It was cheap, it is an amazing green color, and it has a handle!

Tigi Bed Head shampoo level 3
I wanted to try out this brand for so long but it is nowhere to buy but in online shops. SO I decided to test it out and bought a shampoo. When it comes to testing out shampoos, I always go for the ones that are made for damaged hair, don't really know why, I think my hair is in a satisfying condition right now. I love the bubble gum smell, but it is a really strong one so consider that. Otherwise I am not too impressed. My hair is okay but not like great amazing good. I will continue testing this one some more and then I will see if I like it.

That is all, I hope it help any of you, if you were considering buying some of these.

Don't think binary.

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