Why I hate To do lists

Hello there darlings and loved ones. I know that this post may seem the most random thing in the world, but for me, the time has come to s...

Hello there darlings and loved ones.

I know that this post may seem the most random thing in the world, but for me, the time has come to share my strong feelings about to do lists. So if you despise them as much as I do, or maybe don't have real feeling about them, keep on reading.

Over the years that I spent active on the internet I have read hundreds (and I am not joking) posts and articles on topics like How to stop procrastinating, How to get stuff done, How to work more, How to stop laying around in bed, Why is your life falling apart?, How to get over him, and so many more. Most of these were the same thing, only the font was different, but what all of them had in common is that one step where they were like make a to do list.

And once I read them heavenly music played in my head and suddenly I was like 'Yes this time it will work!'. And it didn't. Because as much as keeping a journal, making a to do list is a complete waste of time, unless your head is completely overflown with stuff. But since I was procrastinating, it did not.

I admit that I do make to do lists, when I am in work and so much stuff starts coming that I can no longer keep them in my head all, that's when I make a to do list. Also when I am writing an article, or a paper to work and I finished reading so many papers about the topic that I can not get my head around one thing and start writing, that's when I do to do lists. Also when I wake up in the middle of the night because I had a dream where I solved the problem I could not solve over the day (and yes that happened more than one time to  me), that is the time when I make a to do note.

Most of these are lists of stuff that is necessary like check this bug, and make sure to do this before you upload that, etc. scrambled in the corner of some paper (or napkin) that was just laying around at the right distance from my hand at that exact moment.

But I still stand by my previous statement, that I really do hate to do lists. Those ones that are like: 'I bought this fancy lined paper for to do lists and now I will make a to do list of things that I will like to do today.' And you write things like, clean up my room and do homework and go out with Nancy to buy ice cream.  And then your mother comes and says that you are all going to the zoo today. So you pack your stuff and go to the zoo and when you get back you have this horrifying list of stuff to do today that just keeps staring at you in a really evil way like you haven't clean your room.

Also why is clean my room always the first thing in my to do lists? I always get stuck at that, not being in a mental state to clean my room and I don't do anything else. Than it's after midnight and I realize I was reading a book all day because I started with the bookshelf and now I have to clean all these books away from my bed and do that homework. And I end up sleeping surrounded by stuff that I taken out of their place and haven't got the time to put it back, with my face over that homework that I nearly finished, and wake up completely wrecked.

And that happens all the time. Today I had a to do list to work on my diploma thesis. My Linux stopped working. So I took my morning to pull my hair out, freak out and decide what to do now. And now I have really long journey before me, which scares me to death and all because of that one thing. I should probably start working on it though.

 To sum that up. If you are a completely unorganized person and can work with it, work with it. Don't try and force it to be so cool and organized just because a person tells you it's a great feeling to scratch off those tasks that you already done. Well guess what person, I won't do any of those, instead I will do so many more other great things and because of your stupid to do list I end up depressed in the evening.

Don't think binary. Keep a list of ideas.

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