Stop the body shaming .. all of you.

Today I have read THIS very interesting article which got me thinking. Photo from: HERE Photo from: HERE

Today I have read THIS very interesting article which got me thinking.

Photo from: HERE
Photo from: HERE

This fancy article is about a bra company creating an advertisement as an anti campaign for the new Victoria's Secret ad. In their advertisement they took all kinds of different ladies and said these are the bras for everyone. Which is nice I would guess, but why?

Firstly, yes I know that fashion industry and all the computer widgets and thingies are creating an unhealthy pressure to all the women who don't know how to use the photoshop correctly. And those who want to feel great outside a photo - in the so called real world and can't because they have to stare into a magazine instead.

On the other hand from what I heard and read and from what they have on their youtube channel, I always had VS as one of the brands that promote healthy models. Meaning models who work hard, really hard to achieve where they are and what they do with the figure they have. Not models that are starving themselves to death, but those who exercise a lot. And let me tell you if I worked that hard instead of coding behind a computer from morning to late night I would become a VS angel really easily.

After seeing the second picture I don't feel really good. I do not think these are the bra's for everyone. You know I have my past behind me but I still feel offended when someone is constantly trying to push me into this saying that woman without a big breast or butt is no good. I do not think that this ad summarizes the bra for everyone campaign at all. I think they just wanted to get some buzz about their brand and started using this weird skinny against the not skinny disagreement for their commercial purposes. And they, as well as this disagreement, left out whole bunch of women.

Like those with no or small cup size, or those who wake up every morning and feel like a 13 year old when they look into mirror, no matter how old they are, or those who have normal upper body and bigger lower body, or those who love sports bras. And I think that those are women as well. And we shouldn't just leave them (us) out.

Last thing that I want to say to give this all some sense is, we should feel good as we are, and we should stop looking and judging everyone else as well. I don't care if you feel good when you are skinny or not and neither should you about me. Some people are naturally tall, and some people are naturally small, none hate the others for it. So why should we hate someone just by being certain figure, and why we hate that person even more when he/she works for that figure every day? Because if you are confident in who you are, you should stop measuring yourself to anyone else. It does not matter whey that stand or where you do, you are you and you should be happy by being you right here and right where you get by being you. (Maybe you should care a bit when it comes to education;))

Don't think binary.

P.S. Please don't hate me in the comments, this is my opinion and I still think we should start thinking about being healthy and stop giving advertisers that free space to attack our most vulnerable parts so easily.

P.S.2.: When being skinny and fit became a bad thing? I'm sad about it.

P.S.3: I am now very scare to press the button and save this because I feel you all gonna hate me.

PS 4: I will be writing more I am just coding non stop and it is not going as fast as I want it to. You should see how horrifying my nails look.

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2 komentárov

  1. ok the second picture is bad and kind a promoting unhealthy lifestyle but I wouldn't put VS models as good examle Alessa Ambrosio said that 10 days before show only drinks protein shakes and train a lot = training ok but drinking just proteins hell no, and 12 hour before show no drinking I know that before surgery you cannot drink but it's because procedure ....
    and she also had similar regime when she was in 3rd month of pregnancy but she wannna attend catwalk and other models say have similar drill before catwalk
    but I don't have anything against people who are naturally slim slender whatever we come in different shapes and thats interesting just don't think that VS is good example

    1. I actually didn't know about the stuff before show, still I am not surprised. I don't think that is OK either.
      But most important thing is - none of these pictures are a good example and, in my opinion, no woman in a picture or a movie should be an example for anyone when it comes to body figure. The only drive we should have is us feeling healthy and great and not some picture that is sometimes too obviously photoshopped.
      And as a result of that we should stop pointing fingers and saying things about each other saying mean names about anything. I think it's unfair for everyone to just look at a woman through her figure and nothing else.