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Hello there darlings and loved ones! I haven't wrote in a while and these kinds of posts gone way off last few weeks. And I am sorry a...

Hello there darlings and loved ones!

I haven't wrote in a while and these kinds of posts gone way off last few weeks. And I am sorry about it. But today I have something cool, I have a new ins video with my first impressions about stuff that I bought.

I found an awesome new Bio shop that does home delivery. For anyone in Slovakia check out This is not sponsored or anything I am just genuinely happy I found them. This was my first time buying there, so I wanted to check out how well their delivery is and also the quality of their products, so I went for few things that are easily spoiled.

I've been playing with the idea of home delivery bio, because nowhere near my work or my route to work is any suitable shop that would sell stuff like quinoa or azuki beans. Though supermarkets are getting there but it is incredibly expensive in there. Comparing it to Biopark or Dm market that sell bio stuff, the supermarkets are more expensive.

And since there is no shop around me, where I could buy my healthy stuff I was always at the position of having to think where to go now to get something I needed. Then I had to make plans for going to the shop and write everything down, and every time I forgot about something and I was completely miserable. Also I wanted to cut dairy and milk a bit since I feel it's not too great for me. And that's why I wanted to find some good home delivery bio shop. Now I should stop rambling and get to the things I bought :).

Firstly I decided to try out this coconut milk that is supposed to be coconut whipping cream, being able to stand as great as standard whipping cream, and if you tried to cut dairy out you know what kind of a pain it is to find working cream. I don't really think this is somewhat different from the tin can one, apart from packaging but I haven't tried it out yet so when I do I will tell you how it went :). Also the tin can one is pretty great as well, you just can't shake it and carefully pour the water out leaving the cream below.

I got back to my morning smoothies now and I wanted to get some nice powder that is great for your body. I was thinking about Maca powder for a while, but the negative effects of it drew me off. So I searched a bit longer and found Acai powder. This one is freeze dried so that none of it's  great powers gets lost. Also it is pure acai powder with no added sugar or other stuff. It is a great antioxidant, helping body lower the cholesterol levels, also helps to protect against diseases and aging, improve blood circulation and gives you a great healthy looking skin, hair and nails. It also has so many other great benefits, and from what I found, and I dug deep, it does not have any negative effects, So I am super happy. I add only a half of tea spoon to my smoothie every morning.

I also bought this baking powder, which is without added chemicals or phosphates. I was buying this in those little packages in DM Market, paying for 5 of them too much money. This one is about 10 packages in one, but in my opinion the packages are way too big for ordinary baking, so I think this will last way longer. I just love this packaging of baking powder, I find it really handy and cute.

I started making my own cereals. I love cocoa cereals but normally I can't get more than hour before feeling hungry. I bought a great recipe book recently and there were three recipes for home made cereals and I tried them and they are awesome and I don't get hungry until lunch which is awesome! So I wanted to get some really healthy cocoa in, since I put loads of cocoa in and I bought this raw cocoa powder. Everybody is telling me it tasted horrible, and I believe them :) But I don't mind, since it only goes to cereals I don'think it's too big of a deal. I wouldn't put it to my hot cocoa, I am not that courageous. Yet. :D

Last thing I bought is this rice milk. As I said about a million times already I am trying to cut back milk and I started trying different types of vegetable milks. I stared with rice milk. When it goes to smoothies, it is all right but when it comes to drinking it alone - weird. It tasted like rice in milk, which if you don't know is when you boil your rice and then pour milk into it. We used to have it when I was a kid and I love it to this day but without the rice to chew along it is just weird. We will definitely be trying some more soon.

And that's all. I hope you enjoyed this, it maybe gave you some idea of what they have in the shop, even though there is way more in there. And maybe it inspired you, but if not never mind, you are your own person;). I discovered lately that me talking about my healthy food is giving pressure to the people I'm talking to abut eating healthy. I am not pressuring anyone to anything I mean I still order pizza or go to fast food from time to time, and I still love it. I just am happy about living healthy most of the time because I generally feel better. But I don't expect from other people to be the same. I know I wouldn't have the courage year ago.

Don't think binary.

P.S. I also started using ifttt recipes for my facebook page so that more of content that I share around the platforms goes there. In time I will get it together so that my facebook and google+ page are fresh and up to date. So don't forget to subscribe!

P.S.2 I have less than a month to turn in my diploma thesis and I am now living in a constant state of freaking out. Hopefully it will all be great.

P.S.3 My nails decided to take care of themselves and are slowly getting rid of the left over nail polish so that they look somewhat presentable. It's weird not having nail polish on my nails.

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5 komentárov

  1. try to be a vegan, and don't care what other eats but when someone offer to something what isn't vegan and decline and say because I'm vegan should see the faces and that the lecture how I am harming myself and stupid remarks people doesn't tolerate this stuff yet
    and when I explane when I ate cheese got I loved cheese didn't like milk but cheese I had acne ( and really bad one even my dermatologist didn't know how help ) PMS and other problems
    fingers crossed for your diploma looking forward videos

    1. I actually was that kind of people who would, not say it but at least think that if you are vegetarian or vegan you are missing on so much. And now I am at point when I am a vegetarian through the week and on weekends I eat with my family, so mostly meat but I feel so great and healthy, way better than before.

      I think it's a matter of time and most people will get used to it one day. Still, it must be annoying to get that talk about how bad it is, more when you can't eat what you love.

      Thank you, and for the videos they are on it's way, it's slowly and scarily getting to the end!

    2. I hope that people start be accepting and more importantly have the knowledge that vegan and vegetarian diets are sufficient and you don't miss anything if you eat smart and know what yoy doing because of course you can't be deficient but also meat eater can be deficient

      and its annoying only because people don't accept facts you say them where you get these stuff and they no not possible, I don't miss anything vegan cheese is awsome and now there are so many brands, milk you can have anything vegan and learned cook traditional meal in vegan style so don't miss anything actually have bigger variaty of foods then ever

    3. I think it's important for people to start accepting that other people can have other diets and if they are wise and know what they are doing they can be as good or even better than the normal diets that we are taught from when we are little. Also I think we still should be careful about switching diets and learning everything about a certain lifestyle and how to change it and not miss anything before we start eating differently. Just, you know, in a way that you know what you're doing.

      I didn't know there is such thing as a vegan cheese! That is awesome. Do you have your faves? I definitely have to try that out. And yes, I agree, since starting my diet and learning to cook differently and look at meals in completely different angle I am now eating much more varied food than before, and I love that.

    4. vegan cheese are awesome and also they are melting like regular one so great for pizza and pasta
      my faves are cheezly (cheddar and mozzarela style)
      daiya doind also great ones
      Wilmersgburger these I love there are not so salty like cheezly but I don't salt anything so I guess for others is ok