How I almost cut sugar from my life

Hello! This post is yet again not a recipe or a life advice. This one is my story of sugar and me in a nutshell. I have an open windo...


This post is yet again not a recipe or a life advice. This one is my story of sugar and me in a nutshell.

I have an open window and I am getting really cold but I am too lazy to get up and close it.

Since I was a kid I always used too much sugar when I could. And my parents stopped me most of the time, but when they could not see me, I was able to put 6 teaspoons of sugar into my cup of tea. And it was honestly the best thing ever when I was a kid.

As I grew older I used slightly less sugar, but still an alarming amount, so that when anyone saw me adding sugar into tea, they were horrified. That was 3 teaspoons up until I was about 23? Since then, I have gotten ashamed by the amount of sugar and tried my best to lower it down. Until few months ago I was at 2 teaspoons and 2 and a half when no one was watching. And I wanted to change that.

Closed that window, now it's better.

Don't get me as a freak, when I cook I use half the amount of sugar that is prescribed, because that is how we did it at home and I honestly think that the cookies taste better with half the amount of sugar than prescribed. Also if there is more sugar than flour I know something is wrong with that recipe. But I always had a sweet tooth, and since high school I basically lived on sweet sodas and I loved my tea sweet.

What I started with was drinking more water less sodas. That started a few years ago, when I was in uni and I was broke and really tired from taking all those sodas home with me over and over again. They were heavy as hell! But I can say I mastered the water drinking about a half a year ago and now I am happy with the amount of water I drink (I had an app reminding me to drink every day and that helped a lot!). I now got to the point when I can't drink too many sweet sodas because I get a headache - and a massive one.

I did not need to worry about the pre-made foods or anything like that because I love cooking, so I do know what I eat when I eat. That counts for most of the food, of course I do buy chocolates or stuff like that but that is not too often or too much so I can live with that.

The last thing that concerned me was my tea. My sweet sweet tea. And I thought oh, I will just start by using 2 teaspoons instead of 2.5 and then slowly get it down. Did not work for me. Slowly never does for me, I am not a patient person. But, about two months ago a colleague had a story about that he cut his sugary drinks and how much better he felt. And I was like - I drink water all the time, I don't drink sweet drinks. And he was like "Well, but I always hear you stirring something. Some coffee or a tea." And I was like, okay I will try to stop that and see how it goes. And I did. And the last few weeks I realised I made my tea, added lemon and got back to work. No sugar needed.

Also, with my husband we moved locations recently and moved to a hotel until my parents house is renovated (or ours is built, but that is a longer time coming), and when we bought sugar we made a deal that we would not open that pack of sugar until we need it and see how much sugar we eat. That deal was to see how much sugar we use, because if it was only a small amount we could substitute it with more healthy but more pricey sugar substitution. And we actually did not need sugar until the other day when I was baking the cacao-chocolate-nutella cookies. That is for about three months. So I will certainly be switching white sugar to some other substitution.

Also it got to the point when my dearest was making us a pudding and he did not used sugar, because he didn't want to open the pack. I think it is ridiculous, and we both laughed, but I discovered I love chocolate pudding with no added sugar. It gets the really intense chocolate flavour. Yum!

Don't think binary.

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