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Hello friends and newcomers! I have a crazy howling dog under my windows and I just want to hug him, but it's not my dog. Take care of...

Hello friends and newcomers!

I have a crazy howling dog under my windows and I just want to hug him, but it's not my dog. Take care of your dogs. They are really anxious when you're gone.

This post is not going to be a recipe or a life advice one, but more like my own opinion on healthy people and how they are perceived and how they may be completely different person. Just from my personal opinion.

So I have been doing my kind of 'healthy' or as I call it anti-inflammatory diet for about a year and a half now. And I am truly, genuinely happy with the results. I feel better, I get way less sick (almost none sickness in the last year. Once I had a bladder infection, but that was from stress and bad eating during state exams.), I have more energy in the morning and get way more done throughout the day. And I am happy with the way it is, even though I am looking forward to the time when I can exercise again. I still have ways to improve and I am working on it, because I like this lifestyle and I enjoy doing what I do. With that being said, I am not constraining myself from eating sweets, chocolates or even junk food. I do enjoy a tiny little chocolate bear with hazelnut filling, they sell in LIDL after lunch. And few more when I have the craving for them.Yesterday I went out with a friend, did some shopping and ended up in McDonalds. And I don't care, I am happy, I am not saying to myself I should not have eaten this or that, done this or that.

Still, I am perceived as the healthy one in my office. My colleagues, meaning people who mostly don't know me because I am a freak and when I code I code and I stop listening - hence why I don't have any friends, take me as a type of person that is always healthy. And today as I was making my lunch, I had two people come to me and say I wish I was more like you - always healthy. I always feel regrets when I see you because I always eat chocolate. And I didn't say anything, just smiled because I get these a lot. And I got tired of explaining that they should not compare themselves to me. That I had serious reasons why I started this lifestyle and fell in love with it in the process. That I have way more path to go to be truly healthy, but I am happy with the way it is as it is in the moment. And that I love chocolate as much as the other person.

And I believe that the healthy life is not just about eating healthy. It is about much more. It is about sleeping enough, about exercising, about feeling at home in your body and about feeling happy with the life you live. And I don't get people telling me they are miserable with their life and they would love to change it. Life change does not ask for something drastic. Just changing the way you think about yourself, your body and your life into positive thinking is the way to go. Because with a positive mindset you can achieve tremendous things. But with telling yourself that the way you live is wrong and that you have to punish yourself by not eating things you love - that is not the way to go.

So in conclusion, if you are one of those people who are always thinking I wish I was like that person, think why you would like to be like that, and then slowly try to find your own ways for that to work. Slowly on step at a time, for example if you want to be more healthy start by eating more fruits and vegetables, or by making a smoothie from time to time, and gradually add more things into your meals that are healthy and maybe find some substitution for those sweets you love or maybe try eating sweet potato fries instead of classic ones. Just take slow steps and find what you like and what you don't and move on from there.

Because if you don't know the person and are looking at him/her as the way to go, you are missing the full picture. Maybe you are regretting that chocolate you had before whilst they had a burger with fries and coke for dinner the last two days. But since they are happy with their lifestyle, and don't care if they eat something unhealthy once in a while they will not remember that as a valid point and will not tell you that - just because they forgot they had that food.

Don't think binary.

P.S. I have way longer opinion but I had to keep it to one point, so if you'd like a part two of this blabering let me know.

P.S.2. What is your opinion on this topic? Do you agree?

P.S.3. I found a new love for cacao - chocolate - nutella cookies and now I'm trying to think a healthier way to get those delicious pieces of heaven. If you have a good healthy cookie recipe let me know! And if I come up with recipe I will let you know here.

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