The reasons why not to cut your hair

Hello there darlings and loved ones. I have been fairly sick last three days, that is the karma back for that boy that tried to cut in lin...

Hello there darlings and loved ones.

I have been fairly sick last three days, that is the karma back for that boy that tried to cut in line for popcorn at cinema last Saturday that I kind of made fun of, but than the guy in front of me took too seriously and stated his opinion loud and clear. You probably don't know what I'm talking about but I am still sorry I started that mess right out then.

This post is for all of you who have long hair and are sick of that hair and are thinking about that pixie cut, or a cute bob for winter. It is also for me in future when I have those kinds of thoughts. And I feel this would be a long post so I will make it really simple and state the reasons right away, without rambling on any longer:

Don't cut your hair. Just don't. I know that feeling when you are sick of long hair because I have been there. And the urges of cutting my hair got me and I went and did it. I went from long and amazing hair that I loved and cherished and took great care to get into the state it was and cut that into a short around the ears bob. I was lucky enough that the hair stylist knew what she was doing and it looked kind of good. I considered it all right and was happy with my newly found freedom for exactly a week. And after that came 10 long months of suffering and waiting for this to grow out. It is now November and I can barely braid this thing on my head that calls itself hair.

Here are the top reasons why not to cut it:

  • It will take a century to get back to the way it was before if you change your mind. 
  • It is not easier to take care about short hair. It needs a lot of styling and tools to get to the point when it is presentable
  • All the hair in eyes always. None of it will fit into elastic or a pony.
  • No ponytail in summer means sweaty neck.
  • No braids.
  • Lots of styling products.
  • Lots of heat you have to put on your hair since all the non-heat ways include braiding.
  • The hair will live its own life. Does not care what you think it's just suddenly wild and free.
  • You will need to cut it again when it grows out because that cute pixie you had looks disgusting when it's growing out. Do not trust pinterest, it's just not presentable.
  • Think about a hairstyle you would like to wear with short hair? Are you sure it will suit you?
  • Also there is less to do with short hair. I personally found myself going for the same hairstyle every day. 
I mean these are few of my reasons. And I know that people with short hair might get onto me,but hey, you know what you're doing. You've been doing it for ages. But if a person with long hair cuts her hair its a completely knew and unknown territory. And I personally got too lost. I was used to air drying my hair and then just a spritz of salt spray in the morning for some natural curls and that's it. 

In case you still decide to cut your hair here are a few things to consider:

Think about your natural hair. And how it will look like when it's short. And don't underestimate it. There will be nothing weighing down those locks. So think about that if you don't want to use the heat tools every day.

Think about your looks. And if you will like yourself with short hair. I must admit my personality changed a bit. I became a bit more adventure girl, trying to get up for myself. And I found out that I was kind of hiding behind my hair, and that I was using it as a shield. And once it was gone, I had to go out and fight for myself. And I kind of liked it. But back to the point it takes ages to grow out, so if you are not sure if you'll like it maybe reconsider cutting it.

Look at your old pictures. Have you had this hairstyle before? How did it look? Did you look awesome or like a mushroom. You should learn from your past. I learned that when I thought that I looked cool in my pictures with a fringe. So I cut my hair into a fringe. And then I discovered some more photos and realised I will never going to look like Keira Knightley with a fringe. I just don't have that bone structure. And I must tell you, that took another century to grow out. 

Find a good and trusted hairstylist. Be sure he knows what he's doing. Or she, that does not matter. Bring multiple pictures and make sure you're on the same page with the style and the length. I can not stress this enough since I did not listen to this advice in February and instead showing a picture I just said I want it to be just to the shoulders. Well after a good three months I finally had the hairstyle I was going for in the first place.

Take it slow. If you just want a change and have really long hair, saying goodbye to it can be hard. Try chopping up few centimeters first and see how you feel about it and if you want to cut more cut more. Just don't do drastic changes without a proper thought because that is what makes those awkward pictures from our young years so awkward.

I hope this article helped anyone. Also again, do not trust pinterest. Think about it this way. On this one picture it looks great, but am I that lucky that this is how it's going to look like every day? Even on bad hair days? And when I don't want to wash my hair? Does this girl look like this every day? Is that good or bad?

Don't think binary. I hope my hair grows out back to long one day. Soon. Love ya all. Good night.

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  1. awesome article and luckily I am one who learned from mistake of short hair and never again long hair till dead :D
    btw your posts whould be more fun read with pictures it's bit boring and uniform (probably not best term)

    1. Thanks. It's a good therm and I know that a few pictures would be awesome, with some posts I just don't know what pictures to use. But I got a new layout that requires pictures to work so I have a great motivation for better posts now.

      P.S. I found an awesome growth stimulating shampoo and I will be doing a review post soon, so check it out if you need one.