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Hello there darlings and loved ones, I have been working since morning until now, so I am pretty much tired, but I still have a quick post...

Hello there darlings and loved ones,

I have been working since morning until now, so I am pretty much tired, but I still have a quick post for you. This one is about a brand and a new love of mine, that I recently discovered.

That brand is called L'OCCITANE and I bet you have heard about it before. I certainly knew the brand before, since I was always walking around their shops when I was out and about thinking to myself: 'One day, I will be rich enough to buy this kind of stuff.' And the day come, that I am not rich enough but I was willing to pay a bit more for a good cosmetics and to lighten up my day.

So I went into the shop wanting a face mask, that kind of muddy one, that you apply on your face, look like a ghost for certain amount of time and then feel beautiful and awesome. That was the aim, so I came home with a Aromachologie Rebalancing face mask. As I found out that is a new range of theirs, so I am happy to try out something a little bit unknown and new.

It contains essential oils from cypress, juniper, lemon, thyme and eucalyptus and is supposed to clean the skin,  get rid of impurities and tighten the pores. I must say I adore this mask. I look like a ghost for certain amount of time, which is in my opinion the best part of every face mask, and afterwards my skin feels really nice, soft and glowing. The softness is absolutely amazing.

As for the pore tightening, this I must say works, and is the only downside of this mask for my skin type especially, since my skin does not handle the pore tightening products too well. Luckily, this does not result in any big inflamations or spots as far as I have tested it, the only thing is that I get those little stuck pores, that are a bit itchy and are not a spot at all they just sit there doing nothing, not really visible, but once I find them, they drive me crazy. But as I said, this is just a minor thing and I did not stop using this mask, because the upside is just way bigger in comparison to this little detail.

Since it was around the month of my birthday as I got to buy the mask, and I must say every store that does this gets a massive thumbs up from me, I got a Shea butter hand cream for free. I am satisfied with this hand cream, I am used to Neutrogena hand creams and those are awesome and this is just about in the same line as the Neutrogena ones. I should add that I am in love with the packaging of this hand cream, as well as the face mask, since it feels just completely different and a bit retro to me, don't really know why.

Lastly, since I am a complete shopaholic and I knew that once I get out of that store I will not get spare money or my darling's approval to get back any time soon, I bought a volumizing hair mask. This one smells like herbs and I am not really sure if I love it too much for that. I am using it for about a month now, once a week I rub it into my scalp after washing my hair, leave it and rinse. I thing that this mask is pretty much all right, even though I am not too sure that I will repurchase it. I honestly think, that for example Aussie conditioners - or shampoos - have about the same effect, and they are way more cheaper than this one. Also after getting it on my hair, the hair get that kind of weirdly glossy but not like silky but rough to touch. Is that understandable? I just am not too sure about this mask, even though it does it's job and my hair are more full - maybe my hair is not fine enough and that's why it does not really work.

That's it for this light review, if you tried anything from the brand or any of these product let me know what is your opinion, since I will be going back again some time, to try and test out some more goodness.

Don't think binary.

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