The ArtDeco advent calendar review

Hello there darlings and loved ones, I must admit it is kind of late (or too soon) to think about advent calendars, but I actually wrote t...

Hello there darlings and loved ones,

I must admit it is kind of late (or too soon) to think about advent calendars, but I actually wrote this post on the 24th, but had to rewrite it, because I wasn't in the best mood when I wrote it and then the whole review turn out to be just wrong.

I wanted a beauty advent calendar for at least two years now, but I couldn't get a grip of one because most of the companies do not ship here to Slovakia or they were too expensive to just think about. But this year, thanks to my beautiful and awesome cousin I was able to get one from Germany - that being the ArtDeco one, which cost me around 35-40 euro.

I didn't know the brand before, but the price was best and I liked the design so I thought - well I'm gonna try it out if I even like the idea of beauty advent calendar. I loved it I must say. I felt like a little kid again waking up each morning rushing out of the bed to find out what's in the calendar.

Calendar had mostly full size products inside. There were few samples and a bit of baby size products but mostly there were full size products. As for which products, I got mostly eyeshadows, then there were few eyeshadow boxes to put the shadows in, abut three tiny brushes, an eyebrow powder, eyebrow pencil, two nail polishes, lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss, make up samples and baby mascara.

I can't really think of any more, but again there were mostly eyeshadows. Counting them there were around 6 of them. I was a bit sad when I got my last gift, because to the end of the calendar I had too many eyeshadows and all of them were blue. Me, being a happy green eyed girl, I was never really fond of blue eyeshadows. Sadly any eyeshadow combo consisted of blue eyeshadows when I was a kid. Blue with silver, blue with black, blue with everything. So it is a long time thing and the creators of the calendar couldn't know, but if they put a big sticker on top - Consists of more than three blue eyeshadows I wouldn't buy the calendar. So I gave all of the blue eyeshadows to my mum, who loves blue. And the final biggest window with the best gift - was a quad box for all of the blue eyeshadows. So I was a bit unhappy with the ending, since the gift didn't stay with me and I couldn't be happy about it.

But there was one brown and one really pretty shimmery gold one that I am completely crazy about so I am pretty much all right with the turn out of the calendar. On the other hand all of the shadows were pressed powders so the staying power isn't really the best. The nail polishes weren't in christmasy colors either and they didn't last too long either. One of them around three days and the second one not even a day. For a special occasion, the second one is completely prefect because the color is really pretty silver color.

If I end up buying a new beauty advent calendar next year I will still consider this one, because the price compared to the amount of full size gifts I got was pretty great. And well I am not the one to give too much money for something like this, and I do think that paying over 70 euros for an advent calendar is just too much.

Do you know the brand? What do you think about them? Did you buy an advent calendar? Were you pleased with it? I'm thinking about the Loccitane one, they had a pretty one this year, and I am all about the bio beauty products for now.

Don't think binary.

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