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Good morning darlings and loved ones. I have got the opportunity to join the Magnitone 7 days testing process, where different bloggers try...

Good morning darlings and loved ones.
I have got the opportunity to join the Magnitone 7 days testing process, where different bloggers try out their Magnitone Lucid and post the reviews if their skin really has gotten better. You can find the Magnitone Lucid on their website Now let's get to it shall we?

I must admit I like the packaging and the design of the brush itself as well. It is pretty, it's waterproof and it comes in many different colors. I bought this one, called plush pink, thinking it looks more red than pink. Well that was a lie I made myself, it really is pink in the end, but a settle and nice pink that I can live with. They have three other awesome colors.

Making this into a completely waterproof thing is great in my opinion, even though I don't intent to use this in shower as is said somewhere that you can. Why I like it is because the cleaning process after using this brush is absolutely easy when you don't have to worry and can wash it under running water.

The design is nice and practical, you can have this sitting on you bathroom shelf without no shame. After the brush is dried it has a pretty cap that keeps away all of the dirt that may come around. Also it's great for traveling. The cord for charging comes with two types of plugs, which I like very much. Also they give your 12 months warranty which I think is nice.

Apart from the actual brush there is the "control panel" which is the power button - pressed first time starts deep cleansing mode, second time sensitive and third time it shuts down the brush. It also has a light signalising which mode you are in right now. And lastly there is a indicator that tells you you should charge your brush. Charging is done with a magnetic charger that just sticks to your brush thanks to a magnet and that's it. More things should be charged this way. Would save loads of computers and cameras and other things that fall down when you trip over a chord.

The main thing why this is way better than just washing your face normally, is because it vibrates and massage your face while you are washing it. This is, firstly, an amazing feeling and makes you feel so fresh and pretty. Also it is great because the massage will help the blood flow,wakes up the face, opens up the pores and therefore deeply cleanses your face.

Also it is said to have an Active Electomagnetic Technology, which I am not really sure, since there was no way to test this one out, but as they say on the website thanks to this technology it sends more than 10 000 pulses to your skin and helps it clean even better. Well I called this a vibration but I guess this is a more fancy way to name it.

You can use this brush in two modes - deep cleansing and sensitive mode. As it's said in the manual I used this on the sensitive mode only for the first five days , then I tested out the deep cleansing mode and I am happy with using the deep mode now. Only downside is that it really wakes you up so I had to switch my routine and add this to the morning routine instead of a night one. On side note I can not find anywhere that you should use it more than once a day.

Lastly, the routine is divided into three 20 seconds long stages - one for your forehead, one for your cheeks and last for nose and chin. It counts the time for you and beeps three times and the last time it shuts down completely. It's awesome because you don't have to worry about the time.

That's all I could say about this product, and bellow are my photos showing you the progress during the week. Spoiler alert I have no make up, so don't freak out. Also I hope I will never have to takes photos of me barefaced like that again. Also the sad tired look, that's me working night and day on my diploma thesis :).

Since I had my face pretty all right before, there is not much to see. But I can feel the difference, My face got really tight and nice, the shade of it is nice and even and the outbreaks I had are way better and slowly dissapearing. Also it is super soft and pretty and I love to touch it. It is way less oily as well but not becoming dry at the same time.  am really really glad I bought this and I am happy about the outcome this had.

I am not going to tell you if you should buy it or not, I got a discount on this product in order to test it and I would have to think twice if I was buying it at full price. But in the end if you are thinking about getting this brush, I think in price this is really the best that I got to, the design and the whole brush is nice, it's pretty, it does not look like something you borrowed from a spaceship as those white ones do, it is the right size to fit into hand and well as the right size to get with you on your travels. That is my opinion.

Don't think binary.

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