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Hello there darlings and loved ones. There is a thing that has been bothering me for quite a while now, and I talked about it in previous ...

Hello there darlings and loved ones.

There is a thing that has been bothering me for quite a while now, and I talked about it in previous posts and I probably will mention it in future posts as well. That topic, that thing is diets. The problems with people feeling over or under weight and disrespecting their bodies through keeping a unhealthy diet. That is todays topic and it's gonna be long one.

My father said to me recently a sentence that I love very much and it is great for every situation not just this one. You have been given one little box (meaning your body) and you should protect it as well as you can. That is a quote well worth a motivational post on instagram but I will share it with you just like this.

It has come to my attention lately or I started realizing the true depth behind it lately, it has been here since I remember, that people have issues with their bodies and how much their weight and they are dealing with it in the most ridiculous ways. There is this specific one right in the trend, where your body should get to state of ketosis because you stop eating saccharides. And it became so popular it is widely spread like an infection that you have to try it. But have you ever thought if it's gonna be good for you - meaning good for your health?

Before anyone else gets you to the next great and amazing diet of the year stop for a while a think for yourself. Maybe write down answers to some crucial questions. Maybe ones like: Do I really think this one will work? Do I have the health to be able to change my lifestyle completely? Why should I be hungry all the time to get to my weight and why should I be hungry when I get there if I don't want those kilograms back in a heartbeat. Why would I need this diet. Do I feel not all right with my body and how I look? But most important: Do I feel healthy? Can I run and catch the bus that I am far away from? Can I walk up the stairs without sweating myself?

These and many more are the rational questions you should have about any diet presented to you through media. And it doesn't matter if you are over or under or just the perfect weight. You should feel healthy. That's in the first place. And the best friend with healthy isthe fact that you should feel confident with who you are no matter how you look.

So please, I beg you, throw out the scale and say no to anything drastical. I remember that since I was a kid, in every magazine I read there were at least two perfect diets for whatever. And I was lucky enough that my parents taught me that if I was full and uncapable of eating any more I didn't have to. I was also lucky enough that my parents got me to sport, therefore I never got troubles with my looks. I was also lucky enough to have an amazing genes for metabolism and in cobination with the previous ones I never truly cared how much have I eaten. Still I wanted to try out those diets, because everyone else was dealing with them. I was also lucky enough to be extremely lazy so I didn't try not one of them. Meaning I didn't get to the other pole and having eating disorder.

Still, I was always sick, And it got way worse when I got to uni, because even though my mum always cooked, and she cooked healthy and tasty meals I wasn't eating enough vegetables and fruits and vitamins and other things crucial for good health. It took me too many antibiotics and weird vitamin combo pills and other weird stuff to try out the anti inflamatory diet - which is just a fancy word for eating the way you're supposed to. Eating meals with low glycemic index, so that my sugar levels aren't on a roller coaster and also the food get's me feeling fresh and full for long time. Eating healthy and organic meals. Eating real whole grain bread and rice and other stuff. You can't even imagine how many great meals I found throughout the last half a year that are so great for your body. Like green rooibos. Try it, it's amazing!

In conclusion, to this really long post. Stop letting your weight define you. You are your own person no matter how you look. If you want to worry about your body start thinking about ways to get healthy. And that is a to do for all the weight categories. Stop thinking about calories - I mean those low calories foods are still full of added sugar and even worse for you than the original product. Stop thinking about detox diets or weird don't eat that but eat this instead diets. Start cooking, and if you are too young ask your parents to cook you healthy foods.

If you really feel you need to get rid of some kilograms, first find out why you have it. Mostly in these days it's because of us always sitting behind the desk. Try every hour standing up and go get fresh water to the kitchen. Or do squats. Or anything just keep moving for just a minute or two and then get back to work. But sometimes it can be way worse. It can be because of some psychical trouble that you gone through, stress or even eating disorder. If you don't feel that you have your eating under control ask somebody for help. Anyone close to you. Or a doctor. Anyone, just don't try to get it through yourself. That's some serious stuff and everybody needs help with serious stuff.

Then, first you need to get to healthy eating. Meaning cooking or finding a restaurant that does bio or organic foods. Those are the best. No added weirdness. If you don't have this option for the most of your day than try to work out at least breakfasts and dinners to be healthy. And slowly you get to it and your body starts to crave the things it's good for it and you will find that there is an healthier option to the lunch you ate until these days.

Second, there is no loosing weigh without exercising. Food comes first, but without exercise, there will be no muscles so that you will still feel down. Maybe slower, maybe not able to do this or that. At this point you should really get rid of that scale. Because muscles weigh way more than fat so you may get frustrated if you are only looking for numbers. You should be looking for muscles and feels. If you feel confident and ready to take over the world, you're welcome - you got to the finish line. Now stay there and keep being healthy. Isn't it great feeling?

If you got through this entire post, I have last advice and if you really want to get into it, check out kaylaitsines.com who is my own inspiration. She is a professional trainer and has her training program as an ebook. It costs a lot, and since I am all right with my own ways of exercising I didn't found the money to buy her guide. But if you follow her on instagram you'll get your daily dose of inspiration - I certainly do, and also she has amazing posts about health and training and stuff. Also if you're looking for amazing videos google passion4profession and those guys are over the moon amazing. I stick to their videos and they are amazingly hard but give a great results.

That's it. Remember, the key is to feel and to be healthy. The healthy looks comes right after you get to those two just on it's own.

Don't think binary.

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