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Hello there darlings and loved ones. I wanted to do new in for this product but I found a while to write it after so much time it will be ...

Hello there darlings and loved ones.

I wanted to do new in for this product but I found a while to write it after so much time it will be better if I just write a review for it.

Repeated aggresions can cause skin to become more sensitive and fragile either temporarily or permanently, leaving skin dull-looking:
  • Stres, fatigue
  • Pollution, dry climate, hard water
  • Irritant tropical treatments, cosmetics or harsh cleansers.
Once sensitized, the skin will become red more easily, will itch and feel tight. It requires non-agressive extra-gentle cleansing to restore its balance.
Properties: Micellar lotion has been spesifically formulated for the cleansing and make up removal of sensitive skin.
  • Contains high percentage of Avene Thermal Spring Water known for its soothing and anti-iritating properties.
  • Formulated with extra gentle cleansing ingredients, it will delicately eliminate impurities and carefully remove make up from face, eyes and lips while respecting the skin's natural balance.
  • With it's unique clear and light formula enriched with softening ingredients, the Micellar lotion leaves the skin feeling comfortable, soft and supple.

That's the information from the box so you would know what I'm talking about. I got really overwhelmed about all the information they give on the box and flyer that I was tempted to write them all to you, but I guess that wouldn't be wise. I'm just not really used to the expensive cosmetics. But I'm getting really used to all the reading not just getting the one that looks best to me.

So for the review:
There are two things you should know.
First: Micellar lotion is like water but better. It contains those little thingies called micellars that are able to clean your face and also remove make up from it without using the water. So it's like water mixed with make up remover and soap.
Second: I only started looking for these because the water on my dorms is just horrible and I hate it.

From what I read on the internet people are most often complaining about it's ability to remove the make up completely. 
I must say from my experience I never had problem with it. I use just a minimum of make up, I just put on the Maxfactor face finity foundation and draw the eyebrows put on minimum of eye liner and mascara and some lip balm and that's it. 
So I didn't have any trouble removing all that stuff and in case I use some more make up I remove it with classical eye make up remover because I think you just can't really have everything.

Overall I must say I'm perfectly happy with this product. I've been using it for few months now, and only about 1/5th of the bottle is gone, I love that. Also the application is really simple you just pour some of it on the cotton pad and rub your face with it and then get disgusted by how much make up you are using.

One thing that you should know and be okay with before buying it, is that it leaves a thin softening and protecting film on the skin. 
And if you are not okay with it, than just don't buy it. Although I didn't know about it. If I did I wouldn't buy it. The film makes the skin a bit shinier than you might want it to be. BUT. I feel that the film (maybe it's placebo effect) is really helping the sking. The foundation doesn't get too sucked in and the pores are cleaner. I actually grown to love this film and all it does for the skin.

So for the end. This product is pricey (it was about 15 euros which is way too expensive for me in normal days) but worth it if you have skin problems. I must say in opposition to the dorm water it worked miracles. In opposition to normal really clear water, like the one we have at home it is pretty much the same, only thing I noticed is that I don't feel the tension on the skin if I use micellar water.

So I hope I helped and if you are considering this product or if you allready bought it let me know what you think in the comments.

Don't think binary!

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