MaXfactor Face Finity All Day Flawless Foundation - review

Hello there darlings and loved ones. So I have another review of a product I fell in love this past - well it is almost year since I bough...

Hello there darlings and loved ones.

So I have another review of a product I fell in love this past - well it is almost year since I bought it.

This little darling is Primer, Concealer and Foundation in one. It has SPF 20 and I honestly love it so so much.
I'm not a fan of max factor, honestly I'm more like rimmel kind of girl, mostly because of the made in London sentence. (Love anything brittish even though I never got the chance to go to London.). I bought this particular product because I got a bargain on it and needed any kind of make up.

By that time I never knew you should have primer, concealer and foundation as separate things. We would just buy make up and stick with it.

But anyhow this thingie has all three of them together wich is perfect for lazy ones like me who enjoy sleeping and don't have any time to waste for putting three different kind of make up on your face before heading out. That's one big plus.

Second is that it sticks to the skin and stays there throughout the day leaving your skin without any red marks or anything like that. It will not help your skin to look fresh at 9 o'clock PM after you had four to six hours of sleep that night, it's not a miracle just a foundation (learned the hard way).

Third is that the coverage is really good, I honestly love it. I almost convinced myself I had perfect skin without any troubles. Then I removed the make up and got back to reality.

Fourth it comes with this little pump so it's easy to slap on your face and I must say it's a big plus against those tube like foundations which just exploded every day and I had to rub them off of mirror so that my roommates won't kill me for making a mess.
But also the pump get's a lot less convenient when you are trying to scratch out last dips of foundation out of it because you still didn't find the time and money to go and buy a new one.

And that's I guess all that comes up to my mind. I bought it again, I loved it that much. Even though it is really expensive for me I think it's really worth the money. But this time I bought a one tone warmer than last time. I bought the natural 50 this time and stopped looking like a very ill ghost every day, I really like it.

So I hope you enjoyed this review and it helped at all, if it did or if you have any thoughts about this products tell me (and all the spam bots visiting this lovely blog) in the comments below!

Don't think binary!

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