Getting up from a heartbreak

Good evening darlings and loved ones. Nope I'm not going through a heartbreak I'm still happily counting days to my wedding and ge...

Good evening darlings and loved ones.

Nope I'm not going through a heartbreak I'm still happily counting days to my wedding and getting every detail of it right. But as I was thinking about the topics for this getting up sequel I thought about how many times I fell down because of a love that just wasn't right.

And well, if there is any broken soul out there reading this maybe it will help. Here are some tips and truths that I will give my future daughter if I ever have one:

  • Every girl has to fall for the wrong one that will break her heart. That's how she can appreciate the good ones when they come along.
  • Let yourself fall down before you get up again. It's good to have some solid ground to build instead just trying to move on and walking in the air. Stay at home for a weekend and read a book or watch some movies. Just loose it for few days before you get it back together.
  • Chocolate, bacon, ice cream or crisps, any kind of sweets are good but you should never mix feelings and food. Also healthy food can help you recover way more that all those treats.
  • Excercise. If you hate classical excercises go for a long walk. Take your dog if you have one or go alone. Don't go with a person if you don't want to sometimes it is good to stay silent and think about everything.
  • Find something that motivates you and keeps you going. Like a hobby or maybe school something that will get you up from that bed every morning.
  • Cry. A lot. Tears are detoxication in natural form. They help with emotions also with all the bad stuff that's built up inside you. Just don't over do it. Stay classy and cry at home. Nobody likes a human water fountains in public. 
  • Find a sad song that speaks to you and repeatedly listen to it. Then find something less depressing and listen to it. Then find an upbeat song that starts you off and start thinking about your new better self you're gonna find now.
  • Smile. A lot. Friend told me to try a hollywood smile every morning for a five minutes. You know those horrible smiles where all the teeth are falling out form the picture and you know this just isn't real smile. But sometimes you can't do real smile so you have to fake it. And maybe that horrible looking smile will make you laugh in the end.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • If you ever have the urge to cut your hair do it in a hair salon that you trust. Trust me on that one.
  • Stay yourself no matter what. Never doubt yourself.
  • You are a woman. Therefore you are a strong and indipendent person. Keep that in mind.
  • Never loose hope, don't rush it and keep your eyes open. You never know. Maybe that guy who is you best friend for four years is the right one instead of those who have a motorcycle.

That's all I can think of. I hope it helped to someone, let me know if you want me to talk about something, or if this sequel is just a dumb idea and I should stop it allready.

Don't think binary.

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  1. In which month do you plan have a wedding?
    Love your post
    Lara J.

    1. In july. Even though I love the whole concept of the sparkling winter wedding I couldn't bear the cold:D