Roman holidays or Valentine in Rome - outfits and chitchat

Hello there darlings and loved ones. That's one hell of a header isn't it. But I must share something amazing with you. Last weeke...

Hello there darlings and loved ones.

That's one hell of a header isn't it. But I must share something amazing with you. Last weekend I spent with my darling in Rome. Wonderfull amazing and sunny Rome. But those of you who follow my instagram allready know that! Here are some photos of me in Rome and also outfits I wore.

We actually didn't plan this trip to Rome ahead, but maybe you have came across the news that pope met with engaged couples who are getting married this year to give them his blessing and advices to mariage. His word of wisdom was actually amazing, I recommend you to find it on some of the articles that google gives you and actually read it. Only thing we didn't like was that it was all in italian so we didn't understand a word of it and had to read it afterwards. But except that one thing it was an amazing experience and I am really happy that we decided to go.
On the picture above you can actually see the pope, I wasn't able to make a closer picture because as he was passing us everyone held their cameras in air and I only got pictures of heads of the people.

I took my racoon to Rome with me so that he could see a bit of the world and you can see it a bit in this picture. Also and more importantly the scenery of Rome behind me is absolutely stunning.

Here is a picture of my outfit, I'm wearing my racoon Tshirt, black jean leggings and my boots. And of course my winter coat because I never leave home in winter without it, even though in those almost 20 degrees I looked really funny in winter coat. But at night it was nice to get into something cosy as we were walking around the city.

As my darling tried to take a picture of me in the light and shadow and everything, this guy came by and just stopped to take a picture with me. And I love it!

And a last one, you can see my second outfit I wore in Rome which is my round skirt with hearted shirt. You have already seen this outfit on my blog and I am glad I found such a perfect time to reuse it. It felt amazing to have just stockings and skirt in the middle of february.

Hope you enjoyed this quick review of my Rome weekend, I really loved the city even though I found out I'm not a big city girl. I don't like the rush and crowded places. But I LOVE the shops! But about that later.

Also sorry about that dark places in pictures but it was really hard to take a picture with sun behind me and also to avoid loads of tourists around.

Don't think binary.

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