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Hello there darlings and loved ones. If you're following my instagram account you may have been alert about this post. Today I attende...

Hello there darlings and loved ones.

If you're following my instagram account you may have been alert about this post. Today I attended a fashion show, which was the first public fashion show in Slovakia. It's three day event, started yesterday and ends tommorrow. So, if you want to check it out you still can tommorrow. I have tons of pictures from the show prepared for you today.

I arrived kind of in the middle of two fashion shows so I had to wait for about half an hour for another one so I cruised the pop up stores that were all around. There weren't as many as I expected and I was a bit bumped about it, since I thought that the program will be richer. Instead it was just a fashion show every hour, usualy with at least 10 minutes delay as I was informed. But I cruised around and found a few pieces worth a shoot.

Then I attended the fashion show of a brand called Femme Fattale. Pictures below are all models from newest collection and mostly the pieces I fell in love with.

The top and the shoes. Shoes were mostly amazing. But with this model the top caught my attention. I honestly love the golden stars on it. They make an amazing detail, but the final look is still elegant and cool.

A still of shoes in one of the models. These were especially lovely I could picture myself wearing these mostly every day, with skirt preferably but I think with skinny jeans tucked into them they would look lovely as well.

These were more autumny than wintery but I would wear them. The heell of these shoes is extremly comfortable - not too high and big enough. Think of combination with camel beige or navy green parka with amazing burgudy red shawl and black skinnies.  Love it!

I'm not so sure with this dress if I love them or not because the pattern was really weird in my opinion. There were big folds around the waist that were just sticking out into the air for about 10 centimeters. I don't really think that's okay, but it's a variation of little black so maybe in some occasion it would be nice.

I honestly fell in love with these ones. I would definitely buy them for a cocktail party (if I ever attended one).

These are another ones which made me sad I don't have the opportunity to wear them since they are simply breathtaking.

So I was looking for ages to find one good leather coat. Now that I have found one I'm kind of sad I didn't came across this little darling before because I would definitely get this one.  Just look at the bellow waist part. Amazing! Simply love it.

I like this variation of a simple black heels with this little flower. It makes them a little more playfull and effortless but don't take any of the elegance off.

That's the collection. Now I thought that I would be for way more time attending this event but there were things that got me off. First of all the actual show starting not-so-fashionably 20 minutes late and also the thing that for each show they had a space of one hour while each one of them only took about 20 minutes. And I don't like waiting for 40 minutes somewhere, with nothing much to do while waiting for another show to start.
I just expected a little bit more from it, a bit more people, action, maybe some workshops or anything. That really disappointed me but I will be attending next year again and I will see if they will improve.
Otherwise I give a big thumbs up for people organising this since I think this was an amazing event to get to. Also I was sitting in a first row! So cool.

Don't think binary.

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