ELLE Diary pro's and cons

Hello there darlings and loved ones. I've been a huge fan of the week diaries that come each year with ELLE. Today I have a little sne...

Hello there darlings and loved ones.

I've been a huge fan of the week diaries that come each year with ELLE. Today I have a little sneak peek at what the diary from Czech ELLE for next year looks like.

So the facts why I fell in love with these diaries, apart from the fact they could be bought with the magazine was that they were elegant, once that I remember they were not in case wrap hardcover but bond with coil bound and that was extremely handy. They were also made with nice colors. The last years they opted mostly for black but it was still elegant, even though a bit sad and too dark.

They always came with a rubber around so that you could close the diary and put it into your bag and be sure nothing will fall out. And the pencil that came along was just perfect.

Last year they had this silly looking white diary where they celebrated the 20 years of ELLE. The look was a bit silly, as I said, but I like that, it was also fun and at the end of the day still pretty. The big minus with this years (2014) calendar was that it did not come with the pencil or the band to shut the book together. Another one was that the place for notes was only two or three pages. And I always used that place for notes.

The diaries before were nice, you could take them out on a meeting or at school and everyone was like that 's pretty diary. They came in handy, the exact size that you could fit into your bag and take with you and write notes on the way with the pencil attached.

This years diary can be bought right now, in stands with the magazine. Which is a pretty odd time of a year for a calendar but never mind. What I like about this calendar is the pages and the way the days are made, it's actually really pretty.

Since on each odd page is the logo of Calvin Klein I suppose that the company is a big part of who made this diary. There are as well none other advertisers than  Calvin Klein. But again that could be OK. The fact it again does not come with a pencil attached is less OK.

What I really don't like with this diary is that the outside of the cover is not elegant, nor pretty anymore. I would call this provocative but I think that might be just my point of view. But I know that with word sex written on top three times I can not really take that out in public, nor on the meeting. I can't pretend that I have a nice diary anymore, all I have is a diary that came with a magazine. The front pages, before the actual diary that contained space for planning and dates and contacts are gone, all that's left is a small overview of the whole year, that small two page calendar.
The back part for notes was shrank to unbelievable one page.

In the end I'm really disappointed with the diary because I expected something more from it. I'm used to these and now I have to go and hunt for something expensive to use as a diary. And I got used to these diaries.

That's my point of view, if you have different opinion you can comment down bellow and buy it this month. Also I'm thinking about a little DIY project to change the cover for the cover of last years magazine. I will let you know on facebook if I decide to do that.

Don't think binary.

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  1. Personally, I always thought that the diaries that come as magazine extras look nothing but cheap. It is truth though that having SEX written all over it does not really help:)

    1. Since I mostly use them to write my school deadlines I didn't consider them too unsuitable. But this one is just bad at every level.