Vidam park stand | Polish chicken in Vidam park petting ZOO (and it's yawning! So much cuteness!) | Swan carousel in Vidam Park | Fish that looks like Dory | Vertical fish that wasn't taught about swimming horizontal | Classy fish | Fish that looks like something between ray and shark (fell in love with that one) | Posing bird | Guineapig!! | Leguan | Cute birdie | Chameleon | Poisonous frog | Another cute poisonous frog | Crab | Me with sharks | Mathiass chapel | Roof of the chapel | Inside of the chapel | Look at the parliament above Danube |  Keleti palya udvar (the train station we arived to and fell in love with)

I honestly think there are not many words to describe our trip to Budapest, which was actually our honeymoon too. I fell in love with the city even though I found the hardest to understand hungarian language. I still blame my ancestors for not passing this knowledge along.

If you ever get to go, the must visits are certainly the Vidam park which is part of a ZOO now, in the middle of the town. Then there is also the Tropicarium, which is located kind of far away from the center but is certainly worth he visit. Plus it is actually located in a shopping center.
And then if you are an adventurous type visit the underground labyrint under the castle area. That are an actuall catacombs where count Dracula was imprisoned before becoming an actual Dracula(you know with all the blood and killing and everything. He was a nice guy before abtually!). And the best part is that the last of the opening hours they do this amazing thing when they give you lanterns and turn off all the lights and you get to walk around in complete darkness with just the light of your lanterns. Amazing. And yes I am scared of dark and had about ten panic attacks while we were there but I would still go again any time. Just if you're really scared take someone with you.

Don't think binary.

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