Roman holiday : Tips and tricks

Hello there darlings and loved ones! Are you as huge fans of the movie Roman holidays as I am? If not, that must because you never saw the...

Hello there darlings and loved ones!

Are you as huge fans of the movie Roman holidays as I am? If not, that must because you never saw the movie! But today I'm on a bit (but not too much) different topic.

If you ever get the chance of going to Rome, just jump on it. I must say I love the city, even though it is enormous, sometimes scary and really easy to loose in kind of city. But anyhow. Love the city how it's filled with the history and still beating and living an extremely speedy life. And if you ever get the chance to go, here are some tips and tricks to make your trip the best.

Tip number 1.: Plan ahead. Get the idea of what you wanna see. Get a book about Rome and read a bit and the best travel guides are those with a map. And the best maps are those which have metro and bus stops drawed in, so you can easilly find a ride home. It can get kind of tiring walking home. Trust me I tried it.

Tip number 2.: With your plan set get online tickets for museums. There are few sites that sell online tickets, and if you purchase one, they will send you a pdf file with a QR code and you need to show the code to a guide. Don't worry they don't have any problem if you show them on phone if you have screen big enough for the code. Trust me on this one you can avoid lines that can take up for hours. We tried both ways and the online ticket is way better and less nerve wracking.

Tip number 3.: Be aware of where your wallet is and where you have your purse. They say that it is most likely you get something stolen at the airport or in Rome. Luckily I don't have this experience, but we had everything packed in the small airport bag you put around your (or your man's ;) ) neck and under all of your (or your man's ;) ) clothing.

Tip number 4.: Go in march or april. The weather there will be amazing and so much spring-ish and it is great to leave the cold weather at home for a while. Also if the winter is nice try and go in february, but the weather might be rainy.

Tip number 5.: Don't expect too much from the metro. We found it hard to find and really hard to believe in what a bad shape it was. But still, it did took us everywhere we wanted and the trains were great. Just some of the platforms we found scary.

Tip number 6.: Try pizza and lasagna. Don't you dare going to the McDonnald's. First they are hard to find. Second they are as expensive as a normal meal in restaurant. Third. The meal in restaurant will taste so much better. Trust me, we tried it the both ways. At least try it once and go for a fancy lunch or dinner and enjoy some of their delicious cuisine. Also if you buy the pizza that you will take with you and walk around eating it will be really amazingly cheap.

Tip number 7.: Get those walking shoes out and camera ready and go for a walk around Vatican museums and Saint Peter's Square. You may even see the pope. We sure did. And he waved and smiled at us. And yes we were at the organized event, but shush I want to set the mood here.

Tip number 8.: Must sees are: Colloseum, Vatican museums the whole parade, Spanish steps and Fontana di Trevi, Forum Romanum and Pantheon. Also many more. You should allready have that guide opened!

Tip number 9.: Send a postcard from Vatican post. It is located at the saint Peter's square and they put a sticker with pope on the postcard. Amazing!

Tip number 10.: Or maybe an inside info. There is a whole street dedicated as a shopping street. Find it and be amazed.

Tip number 11.: Get an icecream. If it is hot enough of course. But the feeling of an ice cream in february is something why it is necessary.

Tip number 12.: If you don't want to go in the winter, the end of summer is amazing there too, in like the end of September. And get a room at the seaside and Rome is just about half an hour from the seaside and every evening you can go and swim in the sea after a long and exhausting day. Is there anything better?

Don't forget, it is most likely gonna be spring there. But don't worry every tourist takes a tons of pictures of flowers only to prove those at home there can be flowers in february. They are all used to that.

And for the ultimate tip: If you didn't got an online ticket for Coloseum, don't wait in that line it will take you at least an hour to get to the tickets. Instead, go across the street to the Forum Romanum where is no line and you can buy tickets for the Colloseum there too. Trust me, we've been waiting for an hour and a half in the line at Colloseum and almost fainted when we got to the Forum Romanum. There was like 5 people there!

That's all the tips I can think of. Do you have your spots you love in Rome? Or some amazing tips? Share them in the comments bellow I would love to hear them.

Don't think binary.

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