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Since I hopped in the healthy lifestyle, people have asked me how do I do it to eat healthy every day. I think it's something not so ha...

Since I hopped in the healthy lifestyle, people have asked me how do I do it to eat healthy every day. I think it's something not so hard to do once you know how. In this post I will talk about a tiny bits and pieces of habits that you can turn around to get into the healthy livestyle easier and for long time. Also two recipes are hidden bellow the images.

On the picture above is my breakfast from the other day(I'm gonna become a foodie or something at this rate of taking a picture of each food I have). It's just simple scrambled eggs and in the end I added some tomatoes and roasted them on a strong flame for just a few seconds and then got off the pan on the plate. Sprinkled with basil, since I have kind of an obsession with basil and after finding out something was fluffy and growing on our bread added a handfull of rucola and ate it without a bread. Also I threw out the bread immideately.
Back to the point. As I were on the meeting with the educated lady who knew everything about healthy eating she told me a few points on how to continue the healthy eating for the rest of my life. Also few of them are from my personal pont of view.
  • Before I was obsessed with crisps. Or popcorn. I couldn't really picture myself without a pack of crisps or a good big bag of popcorn while watching a movie. Since this is something you don't pick out reasonably, just out of habit I decided to create another habit instead. I started eating seeds. Mostly roasted, salted pumpkin seeds in a shell, which I don't eat as many because I have to fight the shell to get the actual seed out. They also last way longer then a pack of crisps.
  • One thing that is going to make a real difference is to start cooking for yourself. If you work at a place where you can eat your own lunch, take that time and make something fo lunch the night before and then take it with you. For me it's great since I know what I eat with every meal I have and also my wallet loves it, since I spend way less money every day.
  • Don't eat the same thing every day. Experiment with something new every once in a while, it's going to take some time until you find the set of recipes you can make for every occasion that comes by.
  • Make sure you're not eating the same thing over and over. When you're in the market take something that's going to make a difference in your typical lunch, for example a can of dried tomatoes. 
  • Great thing in experimentation is to try and not eat as much meat as you may be used to. I sometimes go without meat for five days in a week, sometimes less but I love the meatless recipes. I love putting fish in my menu. Or maybe try eggs instead of the meat. Or cheese. Delicious!
  • Don't be too strickt about it. You have to work your way up slowly. If you suddenly go like "I will never eat anything unhealthy from now on" it will not make you happy. These things take time and rushing it is like making a U-turn on a crowded highway. If you have favorite food that you have craving for, make it. Even if it's unhealthy. Not every day! But every once in a while. And maybe think about how you could change this and that to make it more healthy but still the same food. For example try adding some whole grain flour into cake. Or try and find healthy alternative for the cookie you love. 
  • Take steps not jumps. They are better and safer.
  • It's great to have somebody walking these steps with you. A friend, family member, boyfirend, girlfirend, anyone. You can experiment together, or alone and then share. And sharing is the best part.
This is a salad from steamed onion and carrot with rucola, pasta and tuna fish. Originaly it was supposed to have steamed broccolli instead of pasta but my broccolli got bad before I could eat it so I am extremly sad and had to throw it out. Also instead of tuna I should have used tofu but I don't really like tofu since I heard it is carcinogenic. But I experimented and it turn out well. If you ever try this, put the onion first, steam it for about 5 minutes than add carrot and steam for another 5-8 minutes and last get broccolli and steam for another 5 minutes. This way the broccolli won't get too gooey, the onion will have great sweet taste and the carrot will be just right.

If you try any of these recipes or have even better ones, comment down bellow or post on instagram or twitter and I will make sure to check out each post.

Don't think binary.

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