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In last post I was rumbling about a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve it. Today as I promised I have a sequel for you and what I think i...

In last post I was rumbling about a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve it.
Today as I promised I have a sequel for you and what I think is the hardest of all is to start and then continue. Today, we (mostly I) will focus on the easiest ways to get at least a piece of healthy livestyle into your life.

The way I hopped on the train of healthy living and stayed on board until today was by change of my breakfast plans and including healthy alternatives of breakfast into my life.
Most people, as well as me in the past, skip breakfast on a common base. And in case you haven't read at least 20 differents articles about how breakfast is the most important food in your life I'm going to sum them up for you.

Good breakfast is everything. That's summed up. Actually if your breakfast is full, you can go up untill lunch without any food at all. That breakfast can get you enough energy so that you can go on for hours and don't need anything.
Also some of the breakfasts are so full of energy that you actully won't need any coffe.

Those are all the reasons. I knew them and still I skipped breakfast. Then I got home for summer break and borrowed my mum's blender and made a smoothie every day. And that is how I got into the healthy livestyle. Also to eating every morning.
That smoothie full of energy and vitamins made me go for hours without a need for coffeine or other kind of wake me up. Also it was fast and easy to simply put all of the ingredients into the blender get dressed while it was smoothing and then drink it while I was doing my make up. I still do this when I'm out of time and don't have any time left for breakfast.

The first one I tried contained:
  • bananas (you'll need these in each one, one banana is cool but two are better to fill you up)
  • carrot
  • strawberries
I also added a bit of milk to get everything together. You can instead add orange juice or other one-fruit juice (best would be 100% juice ), or a bit of water if nothing else is around.
It tasted after strawberries and had this great carrot aftertaste. Amazing!
Plus, don't get weirded out by the look of this smoothie, it is the same thing as a milkshake from fast food or juice from those fresh juice stand, but way less pricey and way more healthy (mostly compared to the milkshake).

If you get all excited by the smoothie thing, the other step to try is to add a bit of green into each one. Those will be any kind of green leafy vegetables, mostly spinach or 'lambs lettuce', but avoid rucola, cause her leaves mixed up leave really bitter taste. Now you will be drinking the 'green juice' or at least some version of it, since the original green juice is mostly juiced fruits and vegetables and not a smoothie. If you never heard of green juice then get into the talk, google it and find out that most bloggers and celebrities are now a bit too crazy about it.

That's it, now you get to experiment what you want in the smoothie, bananas are the base, if you get grapes then put them very first into the mixing bowl and that way you won't need to add any kind of water. Also try out new things, vegetables as well and don't get too many into the smoothie otherwise you will get weird tasting blob not a smoothie ;) .

Also if you have been following me on instagram some time ago I posted my breakfast and that has been my breakfast for last two months and I can't get enough.

Every day I put about two handfulls of oat flakes, about the same amount of water and get them into microwave for 2 minutes (if you are against microwaves you can do the same on the cooker but will take up more time or also if you don't mind not having your oatmeal warm you can simply leave them in water overnight they will go soft).
After that I put in one banana and mix it up with the oat flakes. Sprinkle cinnamon over the top (since cinnamon is extremely good for you and experts say that you should eat about the amount of a teaspoon everyday (don't try eating it alone from the actual teaspoon please, if you don't know why check youtube's cinnamon chalenge)). On top I put anything I have at home, berries are the best, the more purple the better so blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries or sliced apple is good as well or sliced peach, plum or anything you can get.

That's it, this is my everyday breakfast for now. I plan to occasionally change it to something else, sometimes a scrambled eggs or something like that, then I will share my recipes with you if you'd like.

Don't think binary.

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4 komentárov

  1. hey you shoudn't combine vegetables with fruits in smoothies it can cause trouble, but fruits and green leafy greens and fruits are okay :D and rucola is great has bitter taste if it's old .

    1. I think it depends from each type of vegetable and fruits combined. But thank's for the comment. And for rucola I don't know I still like it more in mozarella salad or on pizza than in smoothie. :)

    2. Unfortunatelly not even when you combine sweet vegetables with sweet fruit, of course it doesn't cause something immediatelly but long term it can irratate bowels and stomach
      Just nutritionalist in me speaking sorry :D

    3. Don't be sorry I love learning new things, I'm still kind of new in this all.
      And I didn't know that, actually I read and heard many opinions and recipes for smoothies where they mix vegetables in. Still I think that less is more so I never actually mixed too many vegetables in, just stuck with adding a carrot or a piece of cucumber from time to time, but mostly just the leafy greens.
      Of course combining them into a salad would be weird but I would think that once it is a smoothie it doesn't make too much trouble.