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Body image. Human figure. Skinny or fat. Some of the body parts are too small some too big. Those are the issues that most of the girls, and...

Body image. Human figure. Skinny or fat. Some of the body parts are too small some too big. Those are the issues that most of the girls, and even women still have. Here in these days, where we say that it is okay to be whoever you are there are always people that have to deal with their proportions.

And I don't think that's okay. And I don't think we should be asking these questions in first place. I think we should be talking if that person is healthy. And that is what we will talk about each and every friday from now on.

When I was younger I used to think I can eat anything I wanted and how much I wanted. I used to eat chips for lunch while watching TV. I wasn't really thinking about vegetables, since they somehow got to the table and I ate them.

I can't say I ate that much of vegetables or fruits in those days, but now and then when I got my taste up to it I took it and ate it. Didn't make a big of a deal out of it.

My parents drove me two times a week for tennis practice and that's where I got my excercise.

It was at college, at times when I had to figure out what to eat by myself, when I realised that I was buying way less vegetables or fruits or in other way healthy foods than my roommates.

And on my shelf in the fridge was yoghurts and some food from my mom, some bacon and sometimes something funny and furry I didn't got to eat and forgot to throw out.

I also realised I was way too much sick. It was from stress and from the low temperature in the dorms and I was out late that night and got cold and sick.. and so on.
After four years I realised that this can't be right. And it should be dealt with in other way than with pills. And I was taking so many pills every time I got sick.

At that moment of my life I stopped and turned around. Looked at myself what I was doing before and decided that this has to change.

I was considered skinny, almost on the bad side of skinny. (And if you think skinny is nothing, you are lucky enough you haven't met a guy telling you that you should get some weight on because certain body parts of yours are too small or almost non existing. And I bet you haven't dated one like that either. ) I was and I am still in peace with what I look like. I am confident about my looks and I have no need to change it. But still I needed to get rid of my bad habits and of all the junk food I was eating. And for a good cause.

I honestly think, that we care too much about the outside. We should stop obsessing with centimeters or punds or kilograms. We should stop obsessing about newest diet where you don't eat anything for three days. And these diets became socially acceptable and that's the worst part of it.

What you eat matters. And if you eat matters as well. Your body is a living organism that needs to be well fed, healthy and taken care of to work every day. If you get your computer off the electricity you can not complain about it not working. If you forget to tune your guitar you can not complain about it not playing properly (and yes I failed tuning my guitar today and can't play now..).

We should really start thinking about our health first and about our body image second. We should always eat enough so that our body can work properly and we should feed it with proper food so that it can work without problems. You can't put benzin into diesel, so while you're thinking twice about what to feed your car, you should think twice about what to feed yourself as well.

It's going to be weekend. It is great to start this thing when you have some time to adjust, go shopping or at least google some healthy foods and then try to make one.
Include as much vegetables as you can. Also don't forget about fruits.
Buy wholegrain flour instead of normal one. Buy a bio instead of full of chemicals. Read the ingredients. You should know what's in the food you are buying.
That is the start.
Also buy loads of bananas. Bananas are your best friend from now on.

Also don't jump into in right away. Take steps not jumps. Sometimes bigger sometimes smaller, any way you want it. This is a lifelong commitment you want to take. A you don't want to rush it. If you do it right, you will not ever regret choosing this way.

Don't think binary.

P.S. I know it's kind of a mess, I got lost in the middle of it but I wanted to say so much and didn't know how. The point is I went full on crazy with bio and healthy and I am taking you with me. You remember the getting up sequel I had. I'm horrible in sequels, that's what I learned. But I must say since I got to the right food, drink enough water and excercise my life is feeling better.
Every friday, I will post a recipe for you, I am still finding out what is what. I will also introduce you new food I didn't know how to pronounce some time ago. And it's gonna be fun. Stay tuned.

P.S.: I am no professional. If you think you need to see someone about eating, if you think you have eating disorder or you just feel lost and don't know where to start, if you think that your health problems are too much or if you have some serious condition and are not really sure if you can be changing your diet then please contact a professional. I did contact one because I really didn't know where or how to start. And it was the best thing I did.

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