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Hello there darlings and loved ones, Yesterday I attended a conference at our school where we - meaning me and my team - presented results ...

Hello there darlings and loved ones,

Yesterday I attended a conference at our school where we - meaning me and my team - presented results of our work in last two semesters.

Since it was a big deal and there were many guys in suits I wanted to suit up as well.

For this look I went for black skater skirt I made before christmas which is made from this fake deer skin fabric.
We all had our team Tshirts on with our logo and everything.
And since it is a bit cold here on top I put my jacket which has this spring orangey color. I made this when  I was home for holidays.
Also my coat is from F&F.
With hair I went for brushing it to one side, with extra volume and curls.

Don't think binary.

P.S. If you want tutorial on how to create this simple skirt or how I made the jacket comment down below. I will post a tutorial on this kind of jacket in summer since we - meaning me and my mum -want to get our skills on sewing jackets by sewing at least six jackets during summer holiday. I will post photos of that on instagram so don't forget I got a new account - whitelilit01.

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4 komentárov

  1. Hoi,
    nice outfit, I have a question - what do you specificly study in IT (like networkig, graphics...)

    1. Hello,

      thank you.
      That's a tough question:D I'm currently studying for my masters in the field of information systems, which is really word for everything but mostly it means big systems with databases data processing and stuff. I also have few IT management classes where I can learn how to work with a big group of people and how to lead it, and from the subjects I can choose I go for a graphics direction, where is data visualisation, computer vision, my master thesis is about visualisation of muscle system.
      And to make it even more fun I work for a company that is into networking and camera systems, so by now I am doing everything and trying to choose which path to really follow, because I'm afraid that with graphics I wont find a job, but that's what makes me happiest.


    2. Thanks for answer, and I have followed up (I'm currious sry)
      What with graphics ? And what are you afraid everything around us is some sort of grafic work

    3. Hello,

      Well there are graphics and graphics and they are not the same. Meaning, you can do graphics if you open photoshop and play with photos and brushes and so on. And then there is the type of graphics I'm interested in which is computer graphics, mostly known as that in computer games, where you create models of people and animals and nonliving objects. That's graphics you can code not create and that is the one I'm interested in. And I wanted to work in a company which creates computer games, but in this country where I live, there are not many job offers in this field, if you don't want to do something on Android.