My spring favorites - part I. - clothes

Hello there darling and loved ones, I'm writing you a bit later this week, I'm really sorry but I had a really rush week and been ...

Hello there darling and loved ones,

I'm writing you a bit later this week, I'm really sorry but I had a really rush week and been swallow by a pile of work to do. I still am actually.  But on a happier topic, today I am bringing you a few of my spring favorites, to inspire you if you don't know what to wear. These are the things that I wear over and over again. It's is just a few of them, I have many more and maybe I will bring you those later in another post - if you want to.

This denim jacket I bought just last week and completely fell in love with it. I love how it can dress down elegant outfit but also dress up just ordinary jeans and T-shirt. Since I bought it, I wore it almost every day and my favourite combination is jeans, T-shirt, this jacket and a simple side braid. So comfy with sneakers and amazing for a date out.

Bought in Bershka for around 30 euro.

Of course a must have are shoes. These four are my favourites this spring. Gray sneakers I have for ages now and they are extremely comfy and so amazing to wear. They were a bit pricey and around 100 euro but worth the investment. The second one are black wedgy sneakers from H&M. I must say I hate shopping for shoes in shops where they sell mostly clothes but I couldn't leave without these and I am really happy I bought them, because they can create this amazing grunge look. Also who wouldn't love sneakers on heels. I love the vibe they create. On the downside they are a bit heavy to wear every day, but one can consider it as an excercise.

High heels are my must for every season. And the thing is that I wore heels for at least 4 months every day, and now when I put on sneakers my feet hurt. These knee high boots are from Tamaris, I bought them on sale and they go perfectly with all kinds of outfits from rock and roll through elegant to every day casual. They are also really comfortable, the heel isn't too high and all shoes from Tamaris have the anti-shock system which made me fall in love with this brand.

With hot weather I pull out all kinds of my tops, these two are my classics that I love to wear over and over. I love them with vests, or with my new denim jacket. :)

And last ones are of course trousers. I think that with spring coming up it is great to get the colors out and these four are my most favorite jeans, if I don't count my black jeans. The black ones I made myself, the flower ones are from H&M I think but can't really remember and last two ones are both from TAKKO.

That would be all, I also have few dresses and skirts which I wear but I dont have any of them on my dorm with me. But the next time I get home I will take them here with me.

Do you have any of your own favorites? If so write them down in the comments.

Don't think binary.

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