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Hello there! I have been catching up with life on the internet for last past hours and I am just shattered. So extremely tired. But I want...

Hello there!

I have been catching up with life on the internet for last past hours and I am just shattered. So extremely tired. But I wanted to talk to you a bit about nothing and everything, you know. Just me rambling about life, my life and life all around.

I decided to make a free day for myself, much to the sadness of my darling since he has to study for his state exams on Tuesday. I do not have to. I should, but no real power is forcing me, even though there is a tiny soft voice in the back of my head, just waiting there like a small daemon, laughing and waiting for the time that comes, when he can tell me 'You should have studied that Saturday. That one you spent watching youtube. And that Thursday you spent reading books.'

Last few days I have read through two books. After handing in my masters thesis, 80 pages long, in two copies I had to go to work and then work on another two papers and after they were done I had an exam. And I just couldn't handle seeing computer open and working the day after my exam so I took Waiting for Doggo, and read through it. And it was completely awesome book for my state of mind. I bought it because they had it in store, and they never sell books but they had summer vacation themed sale that week and had books. I bough three. Waiting for Doggo was one of them and it is the perfect book for vacation. For that time, when you want to just read into a great book, not think about anything else, but still you don't want the book to be too tight. It's just a great relaxed book with an awesome story and it's easy to read.

The other one was Girl Online, and on the internet, everyone already heard about this one. I was not going to read it, because I just consider myself out of the audience the book was meant for. But then a newsletter from book shop came and they had the slovak translation there and I was like, that's cute, and started reading the piece they show you. Well that piece was the first two chapters and I read into it while learning for my exam and the day after it still bugged me and I was like alright, I need to read this book. And I did. I still consider myself out of the target audience, I think if I was 15-17 this would be an awesome book. The story is a bit too, I don't know I feel like I have read these stories, and wrote these stories when I was young too many times to not know how it will turn out. Still it surprised me. There were some good plot twist. And the writing was really good. I feel that as a holiday book this is an awesome one.

After the horrible week of eating pizza and fast food, I was happy to get back into healthy foods, but I kind of feel like I lost it and have to find it again. So I am on my way to be healthy again. I started exercising after few weeks again. I feel completely horrible, I have to tell you. I have issues with my poor stomach after these weeks, and it just does not feel good to be this lazy and weak again. So I started exercising, been jumping on jump rope and then some workout for muscles. And it's a great feeling I must tell you.

I have started going to work again, and it's really good. I am one of those people who love their job and I just can't get over how awesome it is. I am just incredibly happy that I decided to go to the uni I decided to go and then decided to look for a job at the right time, so that these awesome people hired me. I just can't wait for working full time. Even though I am going to miss those day, when I woke up and did nothing but sew. And I made some awesome dresses and shirts etc. I am gonna miss those days, when I was just home alone at my parents house and could do nothing for a week than just sit behind my sewing machines.

Then again I still have weekends, even though the number of free weekend is rapidly disappearing as we make plans. And I have so many new fabrics that I have to get through. I am looking forward to them.

I kind of don't know what else to write. I don't even know if you all are going to read this far. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and see where this gets. But if you got up here, to the end, please share how are you. I would love to get to know you a bit more. I will be posting again, really soon. I am slowly getting back into shape and in a bit of time I will get back to blogging and vlogging again. I have some plans, but I have to prepare a lot for them, so cross fingers;).

Don't think binary.

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