When life gives you lemons ...

..you've got to make a lemonade. Today was a very surreal day in the goods and the bads. And yes this is another one of the rambling b...

..you've got to make a lemonade.

Today was a very surreal day in the goods and the bads. And yes this is another one of the rambling blogs, but it is getting to the point where I will be doing normal blogging again.

So I have my last exam this Wednesday, meaning in two days. And I stayed home and  decided to work from home and then just start learning because I am a bit scared about the exam.

I had some bad news today, but I don't know if I am allowed to tell you, because they are not my personal bad news. I do not know why, but I would tell you. I like to tell the bad bad news, it just lifts the weigh off of you, if you know what I mean. And just takes you to a whole new level of things and you look at it few weeks later and you are like meh.

I remember the time, when I was doing my drivers licence test. I was really scared, and we had the worst policeman in the city to take the final test with. And the writing test was all right, we all passed and then, when we went to drive, he was like really in not a good mood and the guy that went before me was really bad and I could see how the policeman is getting annoyed (we were two in the car for each ride) and the guy before me is driving like 20 km/h on a 50 and so on. But the policeman was like okay just go already.

And after him it was my turn. And he was really really annoyed and I was driving pretty great back then (getting back to it now), so he found the lamest excuse and  decided to kick me out because I went on a orange light (which I didn't and the instructor was like what the hell). And I got kicked out, and I was feeling as if my whole life has fallen apart. But then, two months later I retook the test and nailed it. So in the end, it was all great after all.

Moral of the story: If you don't get it the first time, don't worry, you will the next time. And crying is allright. I cried my heart out that day and was feeling pretty much allright after that,

The good news I want to share require a bit of a story too so hold on to your horses and keep reading.

The diploma thesis I handed in on 14th of May, this May. I was not really happy about it. I worked on it really hard but did not have enough time, I got stuck so many times on stupid things and almost did not finished it on time. I was done programming two days before the actual due date and had to write an entire documentation about it in those two days. Some parts I had done already, but there was still a lot of work. But finally, I finished it, completely devastated and sleep deprived, but it was done, I had three printed copies in my hand and just handed them in.

And today, I discovered that I have the final grade from my oponent. We have one grade from the person who is leading us and one from some random person from school - our oponent. With these two we go to the final presentation and get the final grade based on the two grades and the presentation and the dialogue after the presentation. So, my oponent, obviously, did not know about my situation around this paper and gave me an A. A freaking A.

So I am now so happy, even though it does not really mean too much, I still don't know the second grade, but it is a small victory and I am proud of it.

That would be all. So if you feel down for something just don't let it get over your head. In the long run none of the small stuff matters. What matters are final results, which if you are trying hard enough, they will come sooner or later. But do not forget to celebrate the small things, because those will make you some great memories.

Don't think binary.

P.S. I am working on a what I eat in a day post for my next healthy Friday and I have a bunch of new ins, so the posts are coming to me, I just have to finish school first. But slowly I will get back on track. Also sewing videos will come, loads of them.

P.S.2 If you are feeling down, put on some uplifting song. And if you like, share your story down below, sometimes talking about it to a complete stranger helps a lot. There is something funny about the anonymity, it is as if we were scared of judgment because we are going through a tough time. But if you like to talk to your friends, talk to them, they will never judge you if they are true friends.

P.S.3 I really have to get to the learning now. My final exam (except for state exam) at this school is on Wednesday. Cross fingers. And comment if you have something we should cross fingers to. We will.

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