How to survive school and how sometimes destiny hates you (or me)

Hello there darlings and loved ones! I know I'm a bit late on this topic but maybe the end of september is the right time to give you ...

Hello there darlings and loved ones!

I know I'm a bit late on this topic but maybe the end of september is the right time to give you tips about school.
My school started today and I had a hard job motivating myself to go there and just survive. And I will have to do it again in few hours because my timetible just sucks on mondays.
So without further due here are some helpful tips how to get up and go to school with smile on your face.

No I coudn't find one motivating picture. But this picture of my violet flower jsut blooming this week could make your day;)

Tip number one. T shirt that you like.

I love this one on mondays. It always gives that edge to an outfit if it says something. For example this T shirt says that I hate mondays. I now know that I don't have to remind everyone about it or talk about it. And when I don't talk about it I stop thinking about it and my day is even better.

Do you follow my thoughts? No? Yeah ,me neither I guess. So shall we proceed to tip number two!

Tip two. Pretty note book or block or however you call it. That thing that you write in.

I found this one tip pretty useful. I bought two notebooks for myself this morning. One has amazingly fresh looking strawberries on and the second one is reflexive orange. And it reflects the light.

I started with this notebook thing a year ago when I was completely terrified of my bachelor thesis. So I bought pretty little notebook with I think some flowers were on it and every time I got terrified and scared and horified and everything else and I just looked at that pretty notebook and calmed down. When you write into something pretty you can't go wrong. So the orange one I bought for the diploma thesis I will be working on for next two years and the strawberry one is for every other subject I will have this semester.

Plus a good thing is, once you get a pretty notebook you will be happier about writing in it and you will have more notes and it will be easier to learn. Tadaaa. Here is the trick.

Also third final tip. If you have horrible timetable just think about it the way that's only for half a year a year top.
For example my time table sucks. Completely. But on the other hand, the semester has only 13 weeks. And you know how quickly can the time fly.

So stay positive about everything that happens and always try to find the bright side of it. There always is a bright side. And if there isn't one, buy a reflexive notebook. It will brighten up your day. Literally.

Also about the destiny. My ombre got washed out! And I always thought that once you put tons of bleach on your hair and the hair go blonde they will stay blonde. Nope. Not in my case.
So it is turning to be some weird gingery brown and goes back to brown. I will try the purple shampoo I haven't bought one yet and tell you about the results. Maybe it isn't in my destiny to have ombre.
Here are some pictures so you would know what I'm talking about.

Here you go. Sorry about the quality, I forgot all of the wirings at home so I can't charge the battery on my camera also I don't have the wire to my phone and I'm completely without technology this week and what's left is the webcam. Thats about the photo quality.

I hope to see you soon. Don't forget to subscribe, follow or love me on bloglovin.
Also do you have your own tips about getting yourself pumped up for school? Let me know in the comments bellow.

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