Ombre (again) with L'oreal preference wild ombre

Hello there darlings and loved ones! I got ombre hair! Again. This time by myself with assistance of my dearest cousin:) (she mostly took ...

Hello there darlings and loved ones!

I got ombre hair! Again. This time by myself with assistance of my dearest cousin:) (she mostly took photos and gave me a heart warming speech about how good I look plus took away the brush when I got too crazy:D) Also I bought and used the L'oreal wild ombre kit, mostly because of all the youtube videos I have seen.

And I must say I've seen a lot of them. You know these days, when you just can't get out of the bed, and you just lay there and watch all the youtube videos? I definitely do. More than I should:D

The kit comes with three types of bleach and also a really handy brush and a weirdly looking pair of gloves. Seriously! I looked like a serial killer. And as after care there is this pretty shampoo which smells as if you were at a hairsalon, I like that.

Yes and I look like a serial killer in the gloves. And I wanted to get the gradient look in all it's glory so I decided to do two rounds of bleaching (no I didnt ask my hair I knew the answer would be no).

So If you are interested in buying the kit here are some info about it.
Fact number ne.
You're actually buying a really pricey brush for bleaching.
Fact number two.
It's bleach it works as bleach does.
And fact number three.
I have long hair and in the bottle there was enough to do two rounds with one pack so don't wory you don't need two packs.
I bleached the ends and then I went up further. The ends came up a bit reddish up to a bit blond and after the second round they are lighter but not too blond, it's still more red hair then blond hair.
I think that this time the women on the packing isn't lying and you get something simmilar to her final hair, even though I have lighter brown then she does and I have the same colour of ends.

This is photo after first round. I look like a complete idiot so I had to cropp it out but you can see the colour of the ends and that's what matters in ombre:D
I left the first round for 25 minutes and the second for 15-20 not really sure exactly.
And I'm happy about the finnished look I don't have photos since it is allready dark here so tomorrow I'm gonna take some and post them.

So if you're considering ombre, (I know the trend is allready gone but whatever) then do it by yourself at home, don't go to salons it is too expensive and for nothing. You can do it really easily at home it's no big science or whatever. But do watch the youtube videos. Any that you can find they are pretty helpfull and you will know what to expect from it and what to do.

I will see you soon and subscribe until then. I added a bloglovin subscribe button.


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