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Hello there darlings and loved ones. I tried doing video but as it turns out if you are doing your own nails and make up on your wedding y...

Hello there darlings and loved ones.

I tried doing video but as it turns out if you are doing your own nails and make up on your wedding you don't get too much time to record everything. Plus despite the popular thinking bride is not in the center of the fun. Not until the groom comes and after that they can not leave the center of attention even for a second.
And other thing on this topic, I did not find out how can one person go to a bathroom in wedding dress. I think bride is just supposed to hold it until midnight when she's allowed to change to more comfy dress.
In this post I bring you the fun and also a few tips and mostly many photos from my wedding day.

In this photo I am with my God-daughter, who  was also my first bridesmaid. It is amazing to get a few pictures with these little girls because they look amazing and also it creates a great memory. Also they are you biggest fans and will tell you about how pretty you both were looking on that big day for another month.

Another great thing to consider while having children on your wedding day is having a bubble machine because it is amazing! Photos from dancing look better when there are bubbles floating around and also it brings joy to kids. Another thing to consider for most people is whether to have kids or not at all at the wedding. And even though there is the trend of adults only wedding starting I am with all ten or twenty of my fingers up for having kids around. First of all kids create this amazing atmosphere and also start dancing with first song played and won't stop until they drop down completely asleep.

I honestly fell in love with my wedding cake. It was really simple, yet amazing and the roses on the cake were just marvelous. I am so so happy about this cake and the best part was it had rainbow inside. Slices of the cake can be seen on the picture below. Only thing I am bit sad is that I didn't get the chance or time to take some close ups myself. 

 It was amazing experience and I get how some people want to relive it once more. I would love to get another repeat, just rewind and repeat it at least three more times because there are so many things I feel like I missed out. Like for example the ceremony in church I do not remember any of that. Also I can't remember about the flowers the church was decorated with. Or other simple details. And if I rewinded I could focus on these. It would be like watching my favourite movie again and again. But apart from that, I had magical wedding. Luckilly my new family is as fun and chilled as mine family and we got through every incident with smile and laugh. I loved my hair being simple, yet elegant and my make up that was just about right. Not too little not too much. It was all amazing.

We have this custom where at midnight the bride changes from wedding dress to normal dress. Well, it's still a wedding so the dress is more polished and pretty. This dress is called after midnight dress and I chose to wear this amazing green peacock gown that's on the picture above. After changing they continue with the party until the morning or until everybody leaves to sleep.

Don't think binary.

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4 komentárov

  1. You were very beautiful bride, and the cake look so yummy
    I wanna ask if you going posting more regularly through summer or it'll be still just unexpected pop up posts
    and what about videos you were mentioning :D just asking

    1. Thank you so much. The cake was really amazing and we ate it all the week after.
      Until the end of july I'm not sure about posting but I will get better from the start of august. Right now I'm just frustrated as I don't enough time for anything. But it's slowly getting better.
      And about videos. I'm sorry I know I got a bit silly about them but I made a few but none of them was good enough. Right now I decided to try a different way of doing stuff and got some footage with no people from the vacation. As soon as I get home it will be up. I hope for myself that is better way of starting than forcing something. Also that is the way I learned to photograph and up till this day I find it harder to take pictures of people than scenery.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi there! You were the gorgeouest bride ever! (maybe except for me) And your husband is reaaally handsome! (but mine is more :D)
    Aaanyways, how's life? Got anything great comming up?
    Luv ya <3
    Ana (from Australia)
    P.S. please please don't tell him or he'll kill me :D :D :D

    1. Hello. I bet you're true that you were prettier, but I still think that my wedding dress was the best in the whole world. Had to watch all episodes of say yes to the dress to make sure, but there wasn't one that would be prettier.

      Life's coming great we have some big plans for this year but I can't say or I'd jinx it.