Few changes and heart to heart talk

Hello there darlings and loved ones. As I may or may not mentioned before (I really don't remember) I decided to merge two of my worki...

Hello there darlings and loved ones.

As I may or may not mentioned before (I really don't remember) I decided to merge two of my working blogs together to create one of the most unique blogs you've ever seen. I may be a little over the top with that one.

I needed to sort a few things, but in the end I created a whole new look on this page and also added the top menu, which is currently working and is supposed to help with getting through the blog.

Now for the talk:

I was thinking about quitting and not writing anything anymore but I found this passion for blog writing and for doing this thing. So I decided to get my guts up and start doing this as a real hobby. I was looking for one for the past few years and finally this came along.

I decided that slowly I get myself through getting better in filming videos and also taking photos. Also beauty and fashion and so on. I have one idea that ran across my head some time ago, which is not so new but as far as I'm concerned nobody does this in this area where I live so I decided to borrow this idea.

Here comes the heart to heart:

For the past few years, mostly my years in college my health has gotten really really bad. Not really bad in a way I would have some live threatening kind of stuff, but bad in a way that I get sick easilly. With my way of living, my sleeping and eating habits it is no wonder. Therefore I decided to get my body better from the inside and decided to get on an antiinflamatory diet (pre slovanov čítaj protizápalová diéta).

After days and days of searching I found almost nothing. I then visited and talked with experts and read their books and also bought books that was mentioned to me as good ones. Knowing how hard it can be to find some informattion in the world  I decided to collect every information I have gotten and every recipe I am able to translate so that you all can get along and learn about this stuff. This is why there is also a page called health in the menu up there. It's still empty but it will get better soon I promise. I do not promise because I broke too many promises. Therefore I won't promise but I will do.

I started doing the 30 days yoga challenge with my husband again. It is great if you have someone that does the excercise and eats the same as you do because then it can become everyday life. But I will write about all of that later.

See you soon.
Don't think binary.

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