Sewing: Finding the perfect pattern

Hello there darlings and loved ones. Since I am no professional in sewing (it's just a little hobby I have) I still haven't found ...

Hello there darlings and loved ones.

Since I am no professional in sewing (it's just a little hobby I have) I still haven't found the guts or time to learn how to create my own patterns. And there's a little bit of science behind it but I hope one day I will dive in and learn how to swim in that lake. Today I have for you a little post about how and where I get my patterns.

I honestly thank for everything to my mothers collection of Burda magazines. These are currently hidden in my closet, since I decided to use the opportunity of my parents moving out and took majority of the magazines with me (evil laughter). 

With this many magazines - and even more patterns you have two choices how to make the pattern - fabric mix. You have these two choices with any source of patterns as well - either you get through all kinds of patterns and find what you like and then go and look for fabric, or you do it the opposite way - buy fabric and then get through your pattern collection.

When I was younger I used to deal with sewing the first way (and in a way I still sometimes do), but you have to be extremely lucky to find the fabric that is shown in the magazine, and it might happen that when you find something simmilar it's not gonna be the same and you won't like the result of your work.
This is a good way to go if you find something that you like in a fashion magazine or on someone else and you're like I wanna make something like this. Then you can be comfy with different fabric, pattern and maybe in the end even completely different result.

Second way to go around is to go to the store and find fabric that you're like OMG I must have this. Now be careful and try to think about the ways how you could use it before buying the fabric. First of all you should know what it's gonna be in the end, so that you get the right amount of fabric - enough but not too much (Different amount is gonna go for short skirt than a long dress!).
Also it is good to buy fabric with at least a bit of a vision so that you are sure you're not waisting your money on buying something you're gonna throw out in a few years untouched.

When I was buying my latest fabric I actually mixed both choices into one. I really wanted a dress that I have seen on youtube on one of the youtubers and I knew it had to be a stripey fabric. I had only this one condition about the fabric and then I found this amazing fabric which is a little bit stripey but actually not at all and bought it because I fell in love with it.

After having The fabric I was going through my magazines and found oh so many of different patterns - none of them actually matching my ideas. So I decided to do a little magic and get the top of these dress (number 1 on picture below) and, since the fabric is quite heavy and warm, combine it with the long sleeves (and shorten them a bit) and a nice round skirt from these dress (number 2 on picture below). Of course I'm going to shorten the skirt a bit as well since I like my dresses and skirts shorter.

And that's it. That is the magic. When you are making something for yourself, you can either copy what others created (meaning patterns; and most times you're good with sticking to the original pattern) or if you don't really like something about it you can change it and have it completely your way. 

If you're new to sewing try and check out the Burda magazines if they have it in stores where you live. But at first check out the patterns that are inside if any of them suits you. Sadly me and my mum decided to stop buying these magazines, because there was nothing good anymore.

There are also few more choices to finding patterns. Of course the Burda patterns that are selled separately in fabric stores or haberdasheries (if that is a real word), or the Lutterloh system (na Slovensku a v Čechách známy ako Zlatý strih), which is amazing and I only recommend this one.

That would be it I hope you learned something with me today and I pushed you a little bit more towards creating your own clothes. I love it since you always create something new, something unique, something no one else has. Also you can play with it as much as you want and get your imagination working.

Don't think binary.

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