Review: L'OREAL PARIS - Nude magique

Good evening darlings and loved ones. Didn't expect this one did you. If you haven't noticed yet, L'ORÉAL is blowing our mind ...

Good evening darlings and loved ones.

Didn't expect this one did you. If you haven't noticed yet, L'ORÉAL is blowing our mind with their newest and as they say lightest foundation formula ever. I recently got a newsletter from DM market where they were presenting this new and even more perfect make up. So I decided to try it out and today I have a review for you.

This darling came here (here meaning Slovakia) as a new product these days even though in the world it is known allready. Officially it's said to create naturally even, shine free look with undetectable coverage. I must say it is perfect for a really nude look, when you going for the free feeling as if you had nothing on your face, with almost none make up on the eyes and maybe a bit of a mascara.

It has this water-ish texture and as you open the bottle it can easilly spill out and make a mess. It's a shame, that  darling like this does not have a pump, but they oficially pardon it with saying it's simillar to parfume bottle and being so little and light you can easilly flip it over and get a bit on your finger. I still think it's a shame that this darling does not have a pump. Parfume bottles do.

After applying it leaves your skin feeling soft and amazing. Gives this vibrant shine but still mattifies a bit. Leaves you feeling fresh and ready to conquer the world. I haven't had makeup with this after-feeling for a long time and I actually missed it.

Otherwise I'm in love. Since it's really a liquid make up it spreads easilly and evenly. Really easilly with fingers a little more to do if you're using brushes. (But then I'm kinda new to usiing brushes so that's maybe just me.) The coverage is really light. Something like a regular CC cream maybe a little bit more. But if you have blemishes that need to get hidden maybe this light darling isn't for you. The before and after photos are bellow and as you can see the change is almost invisible (my hands are not ready for HD resolution yet).

Also the packaging is cute I love the glass bottle. In the end I would really recommend to anyone who enjoys a really nude look like myself. And if you never tried that look than try it for sure, I had many people thinking I wasn't wearing any make up at all. Just my husband says that he sees the difference now because he has seen me without it ( he also says that I'm still beautifull even without the make up).

Don't think binary.

P.S. I did a bit of a magic with the photos this time. Just a bit of background and surrounding. How do you like it? Should I do this more often or not at all? I just like the feeling of the photos now. As a background I used a page from old ELLE magazine as well as two of my newest ZOEVA brushes which I will be reviewing soon. Byeee!

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