Why I don't do New Years resolutions

Hello there darlings and loved ones, I had an english class yesterday and the tutor asked us the typical question for this part of the yea...

Hello there darlings and loved ones,

I had an english class yesterday and the tutor asked us the typical question for this part of the year. What are your new years resolutions? And she did not asked us do you do new years resolutions? Nope, just expected we do them and follow along the same path as all the people do.

I have heard many people saying I don't do new years resolutions because you just get an unreasonable goal and are expected to fail it really quickly so there is no point. And that is mostly the case, at least was with me.

I did the worst types of resolutions when I was young. Like exercise, go to sleep sooner, be healthy, learn more. And none of them didn't really mean much to me so, as expected, I failed horribly at making them a reality.

Then I told myself that why should I do something that stupid. Instead I made my own tradition. And no one knew about it until now, because I am still kind of ashamed about how lame it was. I told myself that the 24 hours of the 1st of January count as 12 months of the year. So two hours always counted for one month. And whatever I felt in those two hours of the day will I feel on the month that befits to that two hours. And considering I slept through most of the day it was kind of funny. But also those hours I slept through, I do not remember the months, what I did or what happened, they just flew by. So in a way it was working.

I stopped that tradition few years ago,  even though it lasted long enough to become a tradition, and I still kind of think about it. But I realised, that one year is a pretty long time. A lot can happen in one year. You can be madly in love in January and with someone else in December. You can tell yourself that you want to sleep more and then get so much learning and stuff to do that you start counting nights as another days to convince yourself that you have more time (Friday, Friday night, Saturday and Saturday night and Sunday counts as 5 days. Look how much time I have to do this assignment. That's gonna be allright.) You can tell yourself that you want to do yoga and then find out that your true calling is running. A ton of stuff happens in one year.

Good resolutions, in my opinion, are I am gonna graduate this year. That was my last years. And when you say something like that and convince yourself that is gonna happen, not in a wishful way but in a real this is reality way then it's going to be a bit easier to do so.

But no resolutions are what works best for me. I just look at another year as I look at any new day. It is just 365 days that can bring you nothing or everything. That can bring you new challenges,  new memories, new friends, old friends, new loves and new experience. And nothing you want to do now should be stopped by something as stupid as a new years resolutions. If you want to start exercising, start now, when you are motivated. If you wanna learn new language start now when you can. Now is time as good as any other. Do not stop yourself from doing awesome things just because tomorrow is a new day.

Hope you all have a great christmas time.
Don't think binary.

P.S. I had some troubles with internet connection so I could not write new posts and it frustrates me really too much. But over the holidays I have some free time so I hope to get into a lot of writing and maybe even a new layout? So expect lot from me, I hope I can earn that expectations in the next few weeks.

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