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I know I promised a packing article, this one will be a mashup of a look and packing and stuff. I was busy whole weekend unpacking all of th...

I know I promised a packing article, this one will be a mashup of a look and packing and stuff. I was busy whole weekend unpacking all of the stuff and then, I'm finally home so my mum gave me a list. As usual but I love her because of it. So today I'm up on book cleaning and I'm a bit terrified. Luckily (or unluckilly I don't know), I do this only once a year. This big cleanup.

Yes, that's me. With all stuff packed, and it was fun feeling, leaving keys in post box of my home keeper. He was cool, absolutely awesome man and I like him. I was living at this place for two years and I had to say goodbye this friday. Okay, enough. I'm not crying :D

I had too much stuff, it was crazy and I don't know how but I managed to compress it into about 6 bags. Gigantic bags. It took me two days to unpack it and I still have a big mess in my room.

And my darling was reading whole day. He came, told me I stink and sent me to shower. And I did stink, I was drinking the day before but it was not cool of him. And then with my stomach all upset and head in pain I packed and he was reading book. Not cool. But I love him so I let him.

Up is the final stage of packing. That's just a front row of bags, there was one behind that too. :D And below, you know some things you just can't throw out? And then you grab them after a long long time of keeping them and you figure out that the thing is just a piece of trash and still can't throw it out? I had that with this giraffe. My darling made it for me from two chestnuts and my roommates toothpicks. And he drew a little smiley face on it. And I couldn't leave it and throw it out even thou it had creepy smile with three legs and broken neck. So I gave it to him and he had no mercy. But in memoriam of little giraffe I give you this two pictures of her. I never gave her a name. That's kinda sad.

 Allright and I get to this weekend at least. I was unpacking, went to the church and wore this skirt I thought I look good in but I guess I don't. Nevermind I had fun with my dog, he is a cuddly monster and always comes and tries to cuddle. Worse than a cat!

And last thing, I made a punch cake for my mum she took it to some party at work. And this is one of the pieces we could take. Ske took away almost whole cake, we had only about one piece everyone.

Okay, I'll write you all again soon and I'm going to get busy. I'm going to Prague in a week! Thrilled! If you have some favourite places there leave a comment I'm writing a list of places I have to see.

I will write you tomorrow! I almost forgot I'm getting my ombre tomorrow morning! Excited!!

See ya later aligator!

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