Nail polish time!

Hello there! I actually am a nail polish junkie and as sad as it is I never leave shop without at least one new.

Hello there!

I actually am a nail polish junkie and as sad as it is I never leave shop without at least one new.

I think that they should pay me for testing so many. But I enjoy it really a lot and I am sad at times when I have too much work and can't polish my nails. Those are sad days with worn off nailpolish. But sometimes you can't choose.

I will concentrate on the quality of polishes and by that I mean if they need one or two times to polish to create the colour they promise and also what kind of colour it is.

Let's get started!! Hooray! I am overly thilled aren't I. Nevermind:)

Name: Rimmel - Hawaiian Punch
Color: Under some lights it is dark reddish pink and under some it is nice sprakly pink.
Quality: One coat is good a bit too much pink two coats are perfect.
This one is newest and I must say I like him. Even too much for a pink nailpolish. Normally I wouldn't wear pink nailpolish alone unless there was 38 degrees outside, but this one is perfect for everyday use.

Name: Rimmel Hot Gossip
Color: The most perfect red you can imagine.
Quality: One coat and perfect.
Okay. I must say I love this nailpolish. It is awesome I wore it for last year. I bought it exactly a year ago in summer and was wearing it everyday since dthen up until may. It lasts for about 5 days in perfect condition if you aren't clearing up entire apartment. Nothing can do miracles. But I love it and I can't throw it away even though it is empty and useless now.

Name: AvonStrawberry
Color: Strawberry pink. Really summer like.
Quality: One coat is enough.
This one have really summerly pinkish colour which you would love to find as a n ice cream and east it all. It is real;y fresh color and looks extremly yummy. I love to wear it when it's really hot it goes perfectly with a vacation lying at a beach near the sea with sun shining.


Name: Miss sporty - orange?
Color: Orange, sparkly one and really orange orange color.
Quality: One coat is enough.
I like and hate the miss sporty nail polishes at the same time. They have pretty colour and I was obsessed with them for a while but the sparkle, I found myself hating the sparkle after some time. But that a thing of choice. If you like sparkly nailpolishes then this one would be perfect.

 Name: Miss Sporty - blue?
Color: Sky blue, again sparkly one
Quality: One coat is enough, two coats are slightly better.
I like this one in summer and in winter the same. It is nice but again sparkly so I am not wearing it much. I actually have it for a long time and it hasn't dryed yet I like that about it.

 Name: Constance Carroll - Neon Yellow
Color: Neon Yellow sums it up I think.
Quality:  One coat is enough but two are better.
I love to mix this one with the strawberry pink, it creates really fresh and funny combination. I like it. I think I never had it alone, it can have a bit much plastic color not neutral but thta's once again a taste thing. But for summer it is really nice and it is bright so everyone will know that you really did your nails ;)

Name: Avon Cherry jubilee
Color: Dark red.
Quality: One coat is good but bit too transparent. Two coats are better, three coats create awesome dark dark red color.
I like this one. I love to wear it in my dark days with three coats on it looks like dark blodish red and I love it. Plus it goes perfectly for toes.

Name: Miss sporty - crack me up
Color: Blueish,. Depends on the basecoat
Quality: Good. One really thin coat is best.

I don't globally likes crackles I wish they would crack a bit more so you could have different colors below them and they will be visible. But this one is good. It is not too invasive, the color below is visible but I advise you not to put too thick layes of it , thin layer crackles more nicely.

Name: Essence - topcoat
Color: It's a topcoat :D
Quality: Good.
It makes the nails really shiny and it creates relally smooth feeling on your nail. I love it.

Name: Avon - green with envy.
Color: Really really really really dark green
Quality: One coat is too transparent at places and two are a bit too dark.
It is too blackish. But really really dark green like in dark forest kind of green. But not bad green, but in some light it looks like really trashy black.

Name: Essence 37 Just rock it!
Color: Blue. Just.... Blue.
Quality: One coat is enough.
It is blue. Nothing much to it, I like this kind of blue and it is normal blue :D

Name: LAstor 113 pink dream
Color: Pink a bit too nude pink
Quality: One coat is good two is better but it is still nmot very visible.

I don't like these pearl like pinky colors. This one I stole from my mom I don't even know why I did. It is really light pink and can't be seen most of the time.

Name: Avon - peppermint
Color: Peppermint green
Quality: One coat is enough.

The color is peppermint green and I love it. I love to mix this one with a red one at the christmas time. It's just perfect for mixing not too invasive and I love the color.

Name: Sasha - crackle nail
Color: BLACK!
Quality: One coat is too much.

All right. I got this one online when crackle nails where a new thing and this was first of firsts to not be too judgemental but I must say it is horible. You have to put at least two basecoats underneath. It eats up (literaly) about one and a half of the coat and all you get is really funky base color and too much black on top of it. And now you know Why I am not a fan on crackle nails. :D

Name: Miss sporty - black
Color: Sparkly black. But good sparkly not bad sparkly.
Quality: One coat is enough.

It is black. What can I say about it. I haven't wear hit in ages, but I remember that it lasted for three day top. After one day all of the miss sporty nailpolishes start to wear of and I hate that.

Name: Flormar -  Silver maybe number 112
Color: Silver really metal like colour
Quality: One coat is enough.

I love to put this one on toes at summer it looks really nice. It has really matelic appearance and I must say I really like it.

Name: Rimmel - Silver bullet
Color: Peral like white
Quality: one coat is not really visible I used about 3-6 to get the pearly look.

Okay. I was addicted to this nailpolish for whole winter last year. I just love it. It goes perfectly with furry gloves. It looks really elegant and like pearls and I like that.

Name: Rimmel - Blue Vogue
Color: Dark almost black blue
Quality: One coat is enough.

I don't like about this one that in most types of light it looks like black. But in some it has really rpetty blue color and I think it is perfect for late concert or winter days.

All right. I hope that this helped you at least a bit if you wanted to reach for a new type of nailpolish and couldn't decide on which.
I tell you which one. It's summer go neon! Or something fruity looking. Yum!


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