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Hello there kind stranger who decided to appear on my blog, I must say I really like you just because you came. I've been away for a wh...

Hello there kind stranger who decided to appear on my blog,
I must say I really like you just because you came. I've been away for a while but I'm back here with some things I came across and want to share with you.

First things first. That guy above this text is actually an output of my bachelor thesis. He should wave but I really don't know if he will. He is quite moody. But I love him with my whole heart. His name is Gregor, I don't know why I just feel like it. He is also the reason of my mild depression, because I got a D for it even though I worked for an A. Life just isn't fair sometimes.

But life also goes on. Second thing, I don't know why it is second but it feels like it is this awesome machine. It is actually an IPL technique, where IPL stands for Intense pulsed light. This technique is prevents the hair growth and you can have smooth legs without shaving it every day. here is the picture of the one I came across.

The thing is I didn't know they made them for home use until now, but when I found out I am really really happy. (Even with depression :D ). They are really expensive so far I checked but I love the idea of home use, and I hope that in a few years they are tested and proven harmless and not so expensive and then I will buy one.

Third thing is this funny gif. I don't know why or even if it is really funny but here you go.

I find it kind of creepy but I still love it. I guess. I just can't stop staring at the picture thinking why?!

And last thing I wanna talk about is this book I just read. You know the books you just grab and start reading and can't stop. You have the funny feeling afterwards. 

I had it with few books before. The world just stops until you read the whole book. I had it with the Harry Potter saga. I have it every time I read them. I had it with Tarzan and Winetou. I had it with His dark materials and Gone with the wind. I had it with Artemis Fowl and many many others. Even Narnia. But this time it was King and Duma Key. And this book, I kind of don't know how to feel about it. But I think I like it. I like it, but it had really strange weird ending. I don't really like the book but at the same time I love the book. If you read it you understand. If you didn't, do read it and tell me how do you feel about it.

That's all. I don't know the meaning of this article, or if it is any good. But I hope you enjoyed it. If you did or if you didn't tell me about you, about your life, about your news or the books you are reading, or the games you play or movies yo've seen.

The Monsters university are coming to the cinemas. I'm thrilled to see it on Saturday. I see you soon with a post of my look tomorrow.

See you!

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