Birthday and traveling outfit

Yeehaw it's my birthdaaaaaaaaaaay! Yes I am one of the creepy people who love their birthday and have to remind everyone around every ...

Yeehaw it's my birthdaaaaaaaaaaay!

Yes I am one of the creepy people who love their birthday and have to remind everyone around every five minutes it's their birthdaaaaaaaaay!

All right, enough. I wanted to show you my traveling outfit. I always travel by train, I love trains and last time I had my darling with me so I forced him to take some pictures of me, while we were waiting.

I think this is my first outfit with pants :D. Yes I wear pants a lot, I'm not a weirdo but this summer, I promised myself, that I will wear skirts as much as possible, since I love them and I don't have any time to wear them, other than summer.
Notice the shoes, I love them they are on 4 centimeter platform and I think that's pretty awesome. They are a bit hard to wear since the rubber platform is a bit heavy and stiff. But I still love them :) I bought them in H&M.
The pants have pink clouds on and I like that a lot, even though I am against pink colour normally. I bought them in Takko and they are really comfy and perfect to wear.
And last but not least is the blue Tshirt with these weird 3/4 long sleeves which I hate but I kind of couldn't resist the beauty of the T-shirt so I forgive it the sleeves. I roll them up a bit and act as if they were normal, not weird :D.
If you try to find my ombre it is washed out. I am really really sad and considering if I should give it a second try but I'm not sure. If the second try will wash out as soon as this one I would be really sad and it would be waste of money. So I'm considering it, if you have any good or bad experience with red hair color write me in the comments I wanna know how do people do it, that the red color stays on and doesn't wash out.

Since it is my birthday I bought a train ticket for first class yesterday. And the price was horrible but the good fact was that the train was filled with people. People everywhere. And I had my coupe for myself since noone is traveling with the first class. I had to take a picture against the mirror I normaly don't do that, but I was alone. And it is funny because it looks like there was a milion seats in the coupe but actually there was only six of them.

All right that's it for today I will see you soon (this time for real I will have a place to live from Monday on so I will have a bit of spare time. Also I will post pictures from organizing my new room and maybe take you on a tour around the college.)

See ya!

I have a pretty PS for you: I got engaged!

Yes my nails look horrible I know. I had to polish them in a park. Yeasterday in a train. I just don't have any time:(

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