New in : Tangle teezer and brazil keratin

All right once again I am a hair products junkie. I was on a website  and decided I have some spare money to ...

All right once again I am a hair products junkie. I was on a website and decided I have some spare money to make myself  a bit happy.

I bought the brazil keratin conditioner from the anti hair loss pack. I must say I am really happy with it, I will get through the keratin products some more even the ones that are more accesible in normal shops. It makes my hair more pretty and shiny, and I mean the healty kind of shine, that's cool about it. The hair have healthy shine and a volume, that's what I dind't like about the shampoos I tried until now.

And as a second gift to myself I bought the *drumroll* Tangle teezer. All right I must say that I din't really thought about it I just decided to buy it and bought it. I knew a little bit about the tangle teezer but this one I decided to buy because of it's pretty layout. And yes I love all the british things. Then I got through the youtube videos and so on. And I must tell you the truth.
I am pretty pleased by it. On the other hand I feel like a horse when I'm brushing myself. It looks like a horse brush, come on people! But really overlooking the horse-brush look it is pretty cool. The brushing doesn't hurt so much even though sometimes it hurts. And the amount of hair (sorry for being disgusting) on the brush after brushing is lower. But it isn't something groundbreaking and I still think that 10 euro for a brush a plastic horifyingly plastic brush is too much. Plus the horse-like feeling. I would give it 7/10 since this is travel type of tangle teezer and it is really travel friendly I like that.

What do you think about tangle teezer or brazil keratin? Have you tried it allready or are you thinking about it?


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