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I wanted to write about something different but I forgot about what. But about a week ago I've seen a situation where a girl not eating ...

I wanted to write about something different but I forgot about what. But about a week ago I've seen a situation where a girl not eating white bread and other "typical" foods was in the center of attention and other people were just weirded out about how can she survive eating that way.

This is my favourite recipe since forever. It is just a simple tomato soup, amazing for summer days and also for autumn evenings when you want to stay cozy inside. Chop one onion (and few cloves of garlic (optional, but oh so tasty))and put it into pan on a small amount of olive oil (just about as much to cover the bottom of the pan.) Then chop few tomatoes to pieces and put them into the pan (the amount of soup depends on the amount of tomatoes. I usually put about three to five big ones). Add 2 glasses of water and let the tomatoes boil for about 15 minutes. Mix it all with a mixer and then put back on small fire. Add milk (optional but again so tasty. If you want to avoid milk add goat milk or almond milk), about a glass and stir together, let it boil and meanwhile add salt and origan (marjorant?). And thats it. I also like to add chopped toasted bread or grated cheese.

If you don't have a mixer (trust me I've been there I know the feeling), you need to peel the tomatoes first. Put them in hot water, the peel will crackle and then take them out (carefully, hot!) and it will peel easily. Then cook the same way, maybe for longer time, until the tomatoes won't boil to mush. That's it.

I mean, why are people so quick to judge a lifestyle of other person. And also, when did we got so lazy that what is sold in supermarkets dictates what we eat. I mean, eating bio or no white flour became as hardcore as being vegan in minds of certain people. There were times when we were able to bake our own bread (and I will get to that post but still I wasn't able to perfect my bread making skills. I have one last trick to try and it should be perfect.) Also own milk and cheese and these things. I don't thing we should go to back to those times, but I think that we shouldn't tell people who are not eating white flour or are lactose intolerant that they just stopped living and they can't eat anything. I mean yes, it takes some time to get to it, and to get your knowledge about what to eat and where to find recipes and where to shop. And sometimes it is more pricey. But I think in the end, people who decide to take this route - the route to healthy lifestyle are in the way getting back to our roots, to the point where we all started, and where we should continue.

Also if you want recipes, here are my ways to find them. Firstly, if you live in Czech or Slovakia find the books from an author named Hanka Zemanová, she has few of them her bioalphabet is my favorite. Talks about the healthy food and why it's healthy and there are many recipes as well.
Second if I buy something new ( I sometimes like to go to bio shop and pick random package of something take it home and then try to find recipes), then I just google the thing I bought, what it is and recipes just come along.
And third if I have no inspiration in what I want to make than I google 'healthy lunch' and that's it. Based on how I feel that day I maybe try 'healthy lunch (insert type of meat)' or 'healthy lunch vegetarian'. And I find one that sounds amazing. And that's it.

Don't think binary.

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