Hair: all and nothing

Hello there darlings and loved ones! I've been thinking about this post throughout whole week and couldn't find the time to actual...

Hello there darlings and loved ones!

I've been thinking about this post throughout whole week and couldn't find the time to actually write it. And with the thinking process I had too many ideas about what to write about so I'm merging it all to one bigger post. So here are some tricks and tips about hair, haircare and well anything that comes along.

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Tip nr. 1: How to never have tangled hair day
All right, maybe this one is a really too easy for you, but maybe you're one of those people like me. And I have struggled for 22 years of my life with this problem. Every day I comb my hair and then go outside where it's raining and foggy and windy and all ways horrible weather and my hair go poof and they look ridiculous. So I discovered this two tips along my way to looking normal every day:

First tip is hairspray. Mostly on rainy days it does wonders when you just spray your hair and they will stay in place as much as possible after that.
Second tip is travelling comb/brush. As you may read I bought tangle teezer and I am really satisfied with it, but any kind of smaller comb is great for just stopping by at the toilet and combing through your hair.

Tip nr. 2: Are your hair leaving you?

So, you may noticed that longer hair are much more visible when they fall off of your hair than shorter hair. Anyways any kind of hair falling is telling you something is not quite right.
So without getting any more disgusting here are some tips what to do to avoid hair falling.
First, You should drink plenty of water. That is really a universal advice for you to be tired, have skin problems, hair problems any kind of problems. 70% of your body is water and if you let that water leave it is going to show on your body inside and out.
Second. Healthy eating. Here is when I stop for a while. Everybody knows what they eat and don't eat and I honestly hate to think if I ate enough of this or that today or this week. So to be sure I ate everything I had to eat to get my hair really healthy I rely on food adjuncts especially Revalid, which is really really pricey I must say that, but the result is really great.

Third. Give your hair a rest. You need to sleep. You sometimes take a nap or just close your eyes, maybe meditate. What about your hair. Do they have a rest? Or are they constantly pulled or maybe in a ponytail or really high bun or you had to dry them today or iron so they would look nicer? Well you should consider, at least on weekends and at night or through the evening just love and leave them as they are, without any brushing, combing, drying or anything. Just leave them hanging as they want, or put them into a nice braid if they annoy you when they are everywhere. But let them rest at least for a while.

Foorth (and last). If you use hot tools, get a spray or oil or something that protects the hair. I got one that's from got2b and I really like it, I like the smell of it and the result is also perfect. It leaves the hair straight and undamaged by the iron I use.

Tip nr. 3: A fishtail braid.
So, I don't know if I told you but I'm on instagram as whitelilit1 and yesterday I managed to create an amazingly pretty and simple fishtail braid (and of course had to take a picture of it).

And here is how you can create it with the simplest and quickest way ever. 
  1. Move your hair to the side where you want the fishtail to be and secure them in place with an elastic.
  2. Create the fish tail the classical way (divide the hair into two parts and take a piece of hair from one part and move it to another and then repeat with the second part and repeat until the end.)
  3. Put an elastic to the end of the fishtail braid.
  4. Optional: Secure the back hair with few bobby pins. I do that because some of the hair aren't long enough yet and they tend to just fly around my head freely and I hate that.
  5. Remove the elastic from the top of braid and loosen the braid a bit.
And woalla, you have a pretty fishtail braid without the stress of loosing pieces of hair in the process.

So this would be all for today. 
Also I was inspired with this video, where they talk a lot about how you should keep your hair healthy so be sure to check that out!

So I hope this was at least a bit helpfull, and I will see you around next time!
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