Blogvent Calendar 2014: Day 11

Hi there my friends! In today's blog we will talk about the best books for Christmas to read. We will also find out how to create an ...

Hi there my friends!
In today's blog we will talk about the best books for Christmas to read. We will also find out how to create an awesome 3D snowflake. Woohoo.

Alright now, I know I promised you Christmas gifts ideas but I actually have no more ideas about what to write about, except I have few of reviews photos made and will include them in other blogs. But I finally finished my master thesis and have it all done and printed and I am going to turn it in today on this day, which is tomorrow for me.

I don't know how about you, but what I do on Christmas, mostly these few years that I am on uni, I love to just stop everything, get away from the technical parts and read some awesome books, even though I know them all. My classics for every year are Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables. I also love re-reading Winetou series as well as those about Tarzan. If you are younger age, about 12-15 at that age I fell in love with the His Dark Materials series - The golden compass, Magical knife, and the third one, which name I can not remember now. I also loved ans am still loving the Artemis Fowl series, I love how Artemis evolves from a horrifying 11 year old to something completely different - I won't tell you if he ends up being good or bad because spoilers, come on!
There is no book I wouldn't love, even though I haven't read them all. I sure do end up reading all the technical books now, that I am a programmer and for this Christmas and next year I'm adding pl/sql and java at the top of what to read now list. Oh goodness, I forgot about so many and now they are all coming to my mind like, come on didn't you like me? Like Eragon or Queen of the Damned or White Fang. Also now I remember that I haven't like the one day book. Nor the film, luckily I watched the film first before getting too deep into the book because oh god I cried so much and yet the ending was so ridiculous.

Christmas decorations in the making: The snowflake
Allright, we are slowly but surely preparing for Christmas by decorating our places. We've made the amazing napkin trees just to try it out, mine is keeping company to my husband in the kitchen, because he's over there on the big table, where he can translate in peace and quiet.

Today we will make some awesome snowflakes, but I hope you gathered up all that patience because, you're gonna need it with this one. As always the video is at the end of the post, because of the bloglovin readers, hello there fellows.

Gilmore Girls episode for the day: 7x11 Santa's secret stuff
Oh me, oh my how I love this episode. Even though I still stand by my opinion and don't really like the season, cause I still think that Luke and Lorelai should already be married and have those twins but all right.
First of all, who wouldn't love Christophers little blondie, and also, we can celebrate the Christmas with Rory and Lorelai in their traditional, slightly crazy way, even if it's a little too soon for us and little too late for them.

Christmas Carol for the day:

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