Blogvent Calendar 2014: Day 9

Hi there my precious little darlings.

Hi there my precious little darlings.

The new episode of pretty little liars is on air today! We've all been waiting since the midseason finale for this Christmas special episode today!. If you don't know what I'm talking about it's tough luck for you because you have only one day to catch up on the pretty little liars seasons.

If you have no idea what to give your friend or loved one for not much money, today's post is for you.
These ideas are always my back up plan:

Any kind of bio/organic/allnatural cosmetics. 
This one is easy mostly if you are an all natural fan. If you have no spare time and you need to buy someone something you can allways go to the fanatic zone and buy something in your price range. If they raise an eyebrow on you give them a 15 minutes long speech about how your health is your only thing and you should protect it. But chances are high that you will have a great outcome.

Any kind of bijou is great if it's wearable. You can never go wrong with a nice pair of earrings, or with a necklace.

Now this can be a disaster, but if you get the right presentation it may be an awesome gift. I did this chocolate rainbow for my husband and he loved it.

Now this one can be a tough one as well, because sometimes you don't get the perfect scent and it is all wrong.

A book
People read too little these days, and a great book can be a great present, but does not have to always be the cheapest one.

So cheesy it's perfect
The last option is only for the brave one. This concludes all fluf toys and weird gifts from gift shops. I got a calendar with cat photos from my brother last year and he wrote in all the birthday and namesday dates for my whole family and it's awesome. Or a long time ago I got a talking bear from my boyfriend where he recorded that he loves me. I also get a ton of natural cosmetics from my sister and love it!

Hope these help and you won't have to settle for one of those bath specials they sell in every drug store. If you try to get one of those, remember what my mum always say - "If you get a soap as a Christmas gift you probably stink and should shower more. "

Gilmore girls episode for today: 7x9 Knit, People, Knit!
There is a Knit-a-thon in Stars hollow, do I really need to say more? Also we get to see more of Christopher and Lorelai together, and we actually fall in love for them as a couple for a while there, even though Luke and Lorelai is the only way! And we all know it!

Christmas Carol of the day: Gayla Peevey I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Oh my, I love this song! 

Also the Victoria's secret 2014 show airs today on cbs so all of you people who can watch it today go and watch it! Sadly I will have to wait for an online version as always.

Don't think binary it's the most wonderful time of the year!

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