Blogvent Calendar 2014: Day 4

Hello there my beautifully looking Christmas friends. Today we discovered that we did not die from that horrifying excercise, but our b...

Hello there my beautifully looking Christmas friends.

Today we discovered that we did not die from that horrifying excercise, but our body will ache with every move for next few days. But since you've all been good, I have a delicious treat for you today.

Also on a side note: I found out there is some problem with bloglovin and there are parts of posts missing right after the video is inputed. So for those of you using blogloving, check blogvent posts on blog for full version, there is always a video attached - since there is a Christmas carol of a day and I will be posting videos in the end of the blog from now on, so that you don't miss out on anything.

Tasty treat for you today: Home made jam with chia seeds
I found this recipe on an awesome page called nouvelle daily back in summer and wanted to try it out since then, so finally I bought chia seeds and I am trying it now! The recipe will be here but in case you want to check it out there as well here is the link.

You will need:

  • 1 and 1/2 cups of berries
  • 2 tablespoons of chia seeds
  • honey
If you want to make this festive and christmasy and sometimes it is really hard to get berries that are eatable at this time of the year I think that any fruit is passable. Maybe think about those you've already seen in jams before like orange or peach or apricot. 

The steps for this recipe are again pretty easy - put everything into blender and mix. Use about a tablespoon of honey, if that's enough for you, if you used some really sour orange, you may need some more. You can add some vanilla extract as well if you want. This mixture will be about 300 ml.

After mixing, pour into a jar and put into fridge. The chia seeds will absorb the water and create a perfect jam-like consistency. If you think it is not thick enough even after few hours then mix in some more chia seeds.

Since this is not in any way prepared to last long, eat this jam within few weeks, but don't worry, since it's delicious and full of omega 3 you will eat it sooner. Also you can use it in the Friday cookie recipe I have prepared for you.

Gilmore Girls episode of the day - 3x17 The tale of Poes and Fire:
Maybe less christmassy but still a great episodes, that taught us about the beauty of pro's and con's lists. The pep talk that Rory gives Paris is also awesome and well, and lastly who wouldn't love watching Gilmore Girls watch the Poe society meeting? Also Jess!

Christmas carol of the day:
We will travel to Germany today and I actually really love this Christmas song. I also posted on my google+ page a question what is your favorite christmas song. Comment down in comment section or head to the google+ page of mine and comment there.

Greatest for that muscle pain is to do the excercise again. Your muscles will calm down a bit. And don't try telling me it hurts. I know. But I tried not excercising and now it hurts so much more.

Don't think binary, it's almost Christmas.

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