Blogvent Calendar 2014: Day 6

Hello there my sweetest friends! So did you get any sweets into that boots or not? I bet you all did, cause you we're really good a...

Hello there my sweetest friends!

So did you get any sweets into that boots or not? I bet you all did, cause you we're really good all year.

So, as I'm sitting here, pretty much almost ill I think about what a stupid idea it was not to write these posts ahead of time. That's what I was planning to do, but well...

So, since I got to the healthy diet I found out I am way healthier than I used to be. I knocked on a wood, twice, but I must say I haven't catched anything real since september. My darling was sick abou two times, majorly ill and I must admit that I wasn't feeling well for a day or two when he was ill, but I haven't been really sick. And it's absolutely amazing. And I love it.

But to stop rumbling around and get to the point, I have been getting through the oils for my salt candle and in case you haven't allready know I have some great scent here for you and I'll tell you how can you improve your health with them, and they can even help you out with cold!
  • basil - helps with stomach problems, nerve and breathing system. Helps when you're overworked, stressed, have depression, bad sleep and head aches.
  • tangerine - help with psychical tension, depression, melancholy, sadness, refreshes and helps with bad sleep and bad stomach. Also brings out the christmassy feeling!
  • pine tree - helps with the creation of mucus (which doesn't sound so great but, wait for it..) help with dry cough, cold, asthma, rheumatism, and urine infections.
  • mint - help with physical and psychical traumas, helps with pain, breathing and digestion. Also helping with sickness, headaches, toothaches and has strong cooling effect.
  • lemon - great for overall detoxication, dissolve sediments, cleans stomac and the whole digestive system, refreshes
  • lavender - calming, helps with asthma for muscle and joint pain and is great with chronical tiredness and mind tiredness
These are just few of many more. You can always make your own scent with these by just getting them fresh into your house. Or another way is to cook them for a while (about 5 minutes) in a pan and then leave to cold in the room you want the scent to be. Always be safe and remember that less is more, because many of these scent are also agressive and if you use too much you can have too little oxigen. If you don't feel too great about the scent after using it just stop the candle and open your windows, get some fresh air inside.

Gilmore Girls episode for today:6x12 Just like Gwen and Gavin
Now this is a snowy one. I have a love - hate relations ship with this episode. But I must tell, watch out closely for that coat Lorelai's wearing when she finds out about April. I love that coat and I must say it inspired me in so many ways while sewing and I always wanted to recreate that coat. Another thing that I LOVE about this episode is paul anka's carneval booth. Amazing! Also isn't Zach just too cute to handle all jealous about Lane in this episode?

Christmas carol for the day:
This one is for you from my husband :)

It's extremely sad and I am now sad after listening to it so I have this video to cheer you up.

And this one.

Too cute to handle.
Merry happy saturday. Bake some delicious treats for your loved ones!

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