Blogvent Calendar 2014: Day 2

Happy second blogvent day little magical creatures. I don't really know how about you but I feel more like it's autumn outside ...

Happy second blogvent day little magical creatures.

I don't really know how about you but I feel more like it's autumn outside since it's been raining the whole day today. Bu in case you are in a similar mood as I am and after opening the second window in the advent calendar you don't feel too much of christmas yet I have a little pre-holiday treat for you.

Christmas song for today:
In case you missed the newest video of everybody's favorite minions, they made an amazing christmas video. It's still more fun and happiness than the full on Christmas spirit and I think that's enough just for now.

Gilmore girls episode for today:
And as we are slowly but steadily getting to the Christmas mood let's watch together the episode of Rory's dance - episode 1x09. It's still snowy in Stars Hollow and Rory finally gets the courage to ask Dean and they go to the school dance together. I honestly love the moment of Emily - Lorelai bonding over the banana toast in this episode just to get back into the same roots morning after, when they discover Rory is not home yet.

Treat of the day - DIY bath salt:
I don't know how about you but nothing can get me in Christmas mood easier than good warm bath. Especially if it smells like Christmas. For this tutorial you will need:

  • a cup of sea salt
  • a cup of epson salt 
  • oils of your choice
  • (optional) food coloring
Now the main point of the Epson salt is that it is rich with magnesium and helps your body get rid of toxines. If you don't have one and can't really find a way how to get one I would say that normal sea salt would be just alright as well.

The food coloring is there just for a pretty effect in the bath, so if you don't really like the idea of colorful bath then don't mix it in. But in case you are giving this to someone as Christmas gift - do mix in some color it will look perfect.

In some of the tutorials they add in baking soda to avoid skin irritation and soften the water so that is also an optional step.

The steps are easy:
Find a bowl (you can use the one from candle making) and mix everything in the bowl until it's evenly distributed. As for how much of the oils - that depends on how strong you want the smell of certain oil but different tutorials agree on about 14-20 drops. Remember less is more especially if you're going to school or work the next morning.

In case you are out of ideas in terms of combinations and scents you can head to my tumblr and check out my faves that I picked while getting through the tutorials.

Smile for no reason today. Just to be happy.

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